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My Imsu Desire (Chapter 16)

My Imsu Desire

Chapter 16

Obobee!, till na I still dey ‘kabage’ because of the text . My happiness knew no bounds. Rolling on the floor became my new hubby (Now I understand why Prosper grandmama dey roll for ground that time). My dad and uncle just dey look me as if I be craze. “Guy, get a hold of yourself, na only score above 300 sef”, I said to myself. I stood up from the ground now, smiling sheepishly. I’ve just embarrassed myself, lol, I didn’t even realize that the housemaids and the other workers at the mansion were also present, watching me since like television.
“Son what’s wrong with you”, my dad said after walking up to me. “Dad check this out naa…. eh”, I said as I gave him the small Nokia phone. The screen was very small and the words inside were tiny so he had to put on his faded lens. “Wow, God is wonderful. I knew it”, he said and showed the message to my uncle. If una see the way all the Aproko workers just dey stretch neck and stand ear to know wetin supp for my matter eh…. “Very well, this calls for a celebration, my dear, I’m very happy for you”, my uncle said while awkwardly patting me by the shoulder. I could tell he still wasn’t comfortable with me. I surprised myself and everyone by embracing him. Yea!, I did that.
20 minutes later we were sitting round the lavish dinning table, eating lunch, Fried rice, chicken and salad. I can’t even remember the last time I eat this food. Chaii, see wetin poverty dey cause. I wack the food eh and even asked for more, eating like say 2morrow nor dey. E don tey…. wey I chop my belle full like this, I swear. “So my dear, which institution is your first choice”, uncle Dozie asked me immediately I finished the 3rd plate of food. “Oh it’s, Imsu, Imo state university”, I replied.” “Hmmm, your father was an alumni from imsu, I see u want to follow in his footsteps”, he said robbing his jaw painfully. I could still see some of the bruises I planted on his face and neck even though they must have been treated properly. I kinda felt sorry for him sha.
“Actually, that’s one of the many reasons”, I said. “That’s nice, but isn’t it too local, you know graduates from state universities are looked down upon these days, I think it would be better if you switched now to a standard school, especially one abroad”, he said calmly. “My face grew pale in annoyance. “That won’t be necessary sir, I’m OK with that fact, and besides I can go abroad for my post graduate degree”, I said as calmly as I could manage to do. I’m in the habit of always getting pissed off whenever something annoying is said about my Imsu. “Actually my son has been in love with Imsu for ages, that’s his dream and he won’t change that for anything”, my dad cut in, laughing sarcastically. My uncle joined him and so did I.
We spent the rest of the day in the mansion discussing. Uncle Dozie told me everything that happened. How he didn’t know how and why they were able to do that. How since then, he’s mind hadn’t found peace. How they looked for me almost immediately throwing me out. He showed me proof with my old pictures on several newspaper, indicating I was missing but they still didn’t find me. How my other uncle moved to the UK after his conscience couldn’t take his presence in the country without me. How he hasn’t been able to get married or even have a single child(this part weak me 😂😂). How a prophet told him it was because of what he did to me that’s why he couldn’t have a family of his own (I weak oh 😂). How he’s managed to continue running my parent’s businesses unstably for years and bla bla bla. Kai, he sabi gist eh.
The next morning, around 9am, I woke up to a delicious aroma. I was wandering, where am I. I opened my eyes to confirm if I was still dreaming. Switched on the lights and glanced around. Mehn!, see my room. I was given the masters bedroom. It turns out my uncle hasn’t been using this room for one reason or another. My God, Una need to come see the place. Life is sweet when you get money oh. I walked up to the mirror just like I did some nights ago. And the figure I saw looked ten times better than the old me. Shuoo!, I don fat overnight oh. Even for an early morning look, my face was still bright and shiny, handsome as ever. I washed up quickly and changed into one of my expensive new outfit, Gucci themed, which were gotten for me yesterday evening. So like this, like this now, I don join “pepper dem gang”. The town go hear am. I picked up my new IPhone 7 and placed it in my pocket. Wore my Gucci wristwatch and snickers, then came out to have breakfast.
I greeted my dad and my uncle and stepped out of the compound. Guess where I dey go?

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