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My Imsu Desire (Chapter 13)

My Imsu Desire

Chapter 13

Ah!, we arrived home at last, after my sporadic behavior over at (my) mansion. I wasn’t regretting my actions at all, besides, I still felt like doing much more to him. I really couldn’t wait to jump into my bed, my new comfort zone and relax my mind. I’ll have to plan my next steps and moves brilliantly and make sure I take back everything that belongs to me. And I’ll make sure that from now on, goodbye to poverty, even my children’s children nor go suffer again.
“Son, come back here, I’ll like to have a word with you”, my dad said before I could shut the door of my room behind me. “Yes dad, I’m here”, I said frowning. What’s it with this man and scolding, I’ve already had enough and right now I need to brainstorm ideas and think. Shuoo, e nor dey tire sef. “I just want you to know that I didn’t like what you did back there. There are other ways to resolve the issue other than violence. If you’d killed him, you would be in jail by now and that would have been the end of your story. Am really disappointed in you and there’s……. “. “Dad, I’m really sorry, I shouldn’t have behaved like that”, I said cutting him short of his lecture. If I don’t do so, he could go on for ages.
“OK now tell me, what are your plans. I know you’d want back everything now that you’ve found them. But son, the way the man sounded was very sincere, it could be true what he said about not being in his right mind at that time, you know sometimes people do things which they don’t mean to and…….. “. “Stop it dad, don’t tell me you believe in that crap, can’t you see, he’s clearly trying to get on my good side and nothing more”, I said scornfully. This my papa sef eh, he too good sef. He always believes people are equally as good and kind as he is. That’s how he was able to easily forgive and forget the people who were responsible for bringing down his businesses years ago. Even if he see them for road now, he still dey greet them and act as if they nor do am anything. The thing dey vex me eh….. And now he’ll tell me that my uncle seems like a good person.
“My dear, am telling you, the man seemed like a good person to me, I swear”, he said almost immediately. Mtcheeeeew, wetin I tell una before. “Dad, am not buying that. How can you say he’s good after just meeting him today, this is so absurd”, I shouted angrily. “Son stop yelling at me, I understand your predicament fully well and it doesn’t call for this kind of behavior”, he replied angrily as well.
“No!!!!!!, you don’t even understand what am going through, you think it’s easy for me. No….. It’s not.(started sobbing). You don’t even know what’s been happening to me lately, you don’t. I’ve lost my job, my scholarship, even my best friends, and my dream. All you ever do is just sit back and scold me all the time, and now you’re trying to tell me to forgive my uncle. Am sick and tired of you”, I spat out with disdain and went into my room shutting the door tightly behind me, I felt sorry for the way I talked to my dad but I couldn’t help it. I know you guys are thinking now that am very disrespectful but really am not, if you were in my shoes am sure you’ll do more. So, the rest of the Sunday, I spent it inside my room, diverting plans on how I’ll get back at my uncle until I slept.
The next day, Monday 22nd of May 2017. I awoke to the usual and annoying chicken sounds. I jumped up from bed quickly as soon as I remembered how I treated my dad. I need to apologize to him now and assure him I didn’t mean to insult him, it’s a new day now and like world people usually say, old things are passed away. I’ve dealt very well with the grudges of the pass day. I checked his room but I couldn’t find him, same with every other place in our small house. He wasn’t home. Where could he have gone to at this time, it was just 7am and he didn’t leave for work on Mondays until it’s 10am. I asked our neighbour Mama Ada of his whereabouts but she said she haven’t seen him. I was beginning to get scared now, I dialed his number but it wasn’t reachable. Gan gan. The next minute, I don dey enter my room, wear clothes without bathing then set out to look for my father.
My heart was beating fast, with different thoughts running through my head. Where could he be, what if something bad has happened to him. Well it serves me right (nai good for me). At least now I know how disturbed he was when he also couldn’t find me when he came home yesterday, and how painful it was to go looking for a loved one, having no idea of where they could be. I know he must be very upset with me now.
I walked towards the deep ghetto that lead to the outskirts of the town. I was going to his workplace, so at least I could be sure he wasn’t there before I proceed to check elsewhere. I was thinking about a lot and I didn’t realize someone was coming through the same U-turn in the 1 lane path which I took so we walked into each other with his head hitting mine (nawa for Enugu roads oh) . Chaii, this person head strong sha, I robbed my forehead in pain and looked up to see a familiar face. Guess who?
Too bad, you failed the guess. It’s not Ijeoma but my former best friend, Prosper. He was dressed fully like a gangster, vandanals tied on his neck and left arm, expensive headphone on his ear(that’s why he didn’t hear me when I was coming), Gucci wristwatch on his left wrist (which am definitely sure he stole), he’s definitely patrolling the town looking for new girls to screw, this kind early morning. Chaii, those boys don useless my former best friend finish…………

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