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My Imsu Desire (Chapter 12)

My Imsu Desire

Chapter 12

It’s been 14 years. 14 good years since I last set my eyes on this demon, I was still a tiny six year old. Just by merely looking at his face, I could tell he was one of my estranged uncles who had thrown me out of my own father’s house to live in the streets. People always say that I have a good memory and easily remembers thins that should have been forgotten. Now I believe surely it’s true. By the way, he looks so much like my real father so there’s no doubt in my conclusion. Nawa oh, I just weak!!!!!!
I’m very sure this house also belonged to my parents. They had big mansions all over the country. Its no wonder I felt a sense of belonging and nostalgia the moment I stepped into the compound. My eyes grew red in fury as he walked towards where my dad and I were sitting dressed in a white Jalabia, smiling solely. Body just dey do me to pounce on the man, it’s a good thing I still had my self control.
“Welcome, welcome to my home abound, you two are highly welcomed”, he said and my dad stood up to exchange pleasantries with him. As for me, the whole thing just weak me, I nor even see strength to get up. I sat still, staring into space. “What’s wrong with you boy, you still look sick, didn’t those health workers take good and proper care of you?”, he said sounding concerned but I still didn’t look up at him. “Son, he’s talking to you, the least you can do is show some respect and acknowledgement”, my father said with authority. “Pardon my son sir, he’s going through a lot and still haven’t recovered from the shock, my dad said to him. Chaii, the thing pain me.
I stood up gauntly, as if I just came back to my senses. “Am pleased to meet you sir, am sorry about my behavior”, I said with an angry tone and my eyes still blazing hot in fury. It seems he didn’t recognize me and am happy about that. “it’s alright boy, have your sits and I’ll tell the maid to get you something”, he said walking towards the opposite couch. My dad sat down but I didn’t. “Excuse me Mr man, can you please tell me who you are?, I asked harshly. “Ifeanyi, what’s the meaning of this, what has gotten into you, why are you addressing a man who saved your life like that?”, I could tell my dad was now very upset with me, he usually refer to me by my name only when he’s angry, the rest of the time, he calls me “son”. “No sir, let me answer the boy, since he’s so curious to know who I am”, he said. Although I was 100 percent sure of him, I still wanted to hear the words from him.
“I am Chief Dozie Ibekwe, the CEO of “Ruby publication Ltd”, the best publication company in the whole of the southeast, based in Owerri (chaii, my papa company). Am also a philanthropist and I run so many charitable organization (my mother’s businesses) for young adults. That’s why I took interest in your case and I want to help you, boy(you wey nor fit take care of your brother pikin nai dey run charity programs). “Well, as you can see, you’ve ran into the wrong person Mr”, I said. “What do you mean son”, my father asked looking at me suspiciously is if he just remembered something. I had told him a lot about what happened to me before I met him and I also mentioned the part where my uncles took away everything. It seems he’s just gotten to know why I’ve been overreacting. “Yea boy, what do you mean by I’ve ran into the wrong person?, he said looking at me thoroughly as if searching for a clue of what I was blabbering about.
“Because I am Ifeanyichukwu Maxwell Ibekwe, the first son of you elder brother, Uzor Steven Ibekwe. I’m the little boy you threw out to live in the streets 14 years ago. I’m the rightful owner of this house, all the other mansions and my deceased parents businesses including Ruby publication Ltd and plenty more”, I said majestically. He looked at me blankly for a moment before saying “Ifeanyi, my child, is this really you, you’ve grown into such a fine young man”, he said trying to embrace me.
I lost it. In a few seconds I had him underneath me on the beautifully styled floor giving him heavy blows and punches. My father tried to stop me but their was nothing his dry old bony structure could do. “You’ll pay for what you did to me, you demon, I’ll make you suffer for all my years of pain”, I yelled at I continued dashing him blows, not minding the consequences. I was enjoying myself, he was wincing in pain. I was targeting his face mostly just to make sure I disfigured it, I hated the fact that he looks so much like my father. All my dad’s pleading fell on deaf ears.
Eventually, the maid and two of his bodyguards arrived to spoil my show. The bodyguards dragged me away from his almost lifeless body filled with blood stains while the maid started administering to him. The guards took turns in sending me blows but I fought back (I nor really know where I take get all this strength). “Stop it, stop hitting him, he’s my nephew”. What!, how come he can still talk after what I did to him. It means the beating wasn’t enough. I ran to attack him again but the guards and my father held me back.
“Son, get a hold of yourself, this isn’t the way. You have to stop this violent attitude of yours, I didn’t raise you to be like this, what if you’d killed him”, he said almost crying. “I don’t care, he deserves it and more, wait till am through with him”, I barked standing up to finish what I started but my dad held me back again. “Ifeanyi, please let me explain, I swear I wasn’t in my right senses that time and we did tried looking for you afterwards. My dear, you are the only family I have now and……… “. “Shut up!!!!!!”, I screamed cursing vibrating sounds in the room. “Stop talking because it pisses me off even more, you lier, animal. How can you still try to sweet talk me, I swear, I’ll make you pay for all the pain and sufferings I’ve gone through over the years”, I said and stormed out of the compound with my dad in pursuit behind me………….

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