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My Imsu Desire (Chapter 11)

My Imsu Desire

Chapter 11

“Oh, you were returning from work uh, so where’s your backpack or……. anything?, she asked. “Oh that, I don’t usually carry anything to work after all, they are just manual jobs”. Ah!, one lie just leading to another. What am I doing? She’s still going to find out the truth sooner or later. I really like this girl and I don’t wanna lose her friendship. And the way she was sounding and looking at me suspiciously is another thing, she obviously thinks I’m lying.
Well, there’s no turning back now, I’ll have to continue what I started. Just then, a guy dressed in the same usher uniform as Ijeoma came to remind her of something like a meeting for teenagers. “Oh, oh, sorry bout that, I almost forgot about the meeting, I was discussing something with my friend here”, she said, standing up in haste. “Hmmmm, IJ this is so unlike you, you’re always the first to arrive at the meeting every Sunday, and now today, I had to come call you first uh. And who’s this one, is he a new member”, he said eyeing me from head to toe as if he already disliked me.
“Actually, Alfred, he’s my friend and this is the first time he’s worshipping with us”, she replied boastfully. “Whatever, come on, let’s go, the meeting just started”, he said trying to drag her hand. “Oh you wait abeg, Ifeaz pls come join us at the meeting, it’s fun and you’ll love it”, she said. “Never mind, lemme just go home, am no longer a teenager anyway”, I said standing up to leave, my super instinct was telling me to. “See he mouth like no longer a teenager, abeg come naa…. for me please”, she said so charmingly. Who can resist the charm of this girl.
I eventually followed them to the meeting and she sat next to me. My God!, if una see the way the Alfred guy just dey look me with piercing jealous stares. It’s very obvious he likes Ijeoma. I really enjoyed the meeting even with my rumbling stomach(I never chop since yesterday morning) and it ended after an hour or so. Ijeoma and a few others started rearranging the sits which we’ve used in sitting so I joined them. Then the bomb happened………
Someone among them recognized me(since am now very popular) as the guy who collapsed at the cafe. I could tell with the way she was pointing fingers at me, talking and laughing contemptuously with others(including Alfred) who was interested in hearing her gist. I looked at IJ, will she ever forgive me for lying? I thought of telling her the truth myself but before I could say anything, Alfred and the girl showed up maliciously to blow up my cover.
“Hey IJ, why are you hanging out with this loser?”, it was the girl, I just felt like strangling her throat that instant but……. “Judith, what are you blabbering about. Do you know him from somewhere”, she asked rather indifferently. My heart don dey beat fast fast now. Chaii!, who send me message oooh……… “Actually girl, this is the guy I was telling you guys about, the one who collapsed at the popular cyber cafe after seeing his JAMB score, 107”, the she-devil said eyeing me irritably.
Ijeoma turned to look at me with both anger and pity in her eyes. “Ifeaz, is it true, what she’s saying, that you failed”, she asked. “I, I, I can explain”, I stuttered. “Explain what, you are such a liar. I asked you before and you said you haven’t checked yet. What do you take me for? Am your friend and……. “. “I really did wanted to tell you but I was scared that you’ll you’ll………..”, I stopped almost in tears now. The onlookers were laughing mockingly at me. “Cast you off and mock you. Is that how you really think of me? Am your friend and you can’t even trust me with your problems. If that’s the case, I think it’s better if we stopped being friends”, she said and walked away. “IJ, wait….. “, I tried running after her but someone held me back.
“Where are you going, leave her alone, didn’t you heard what she said or are you that deaf”, it was that Alfred guy. I spun angrily and gave him a hard punch in his jaw. He spat out blood. I pounced on him just to make sure I dropped more blows but the other guys held me back and the next place I found myself was outside the church(they push me commot). What’s wrong with me? I know Ijeoma would be more angry when she learns about my foolishness. Although, am not the violent type of guy but I just took all my anger out on that annoying guy.
Somehow, I was very happy about what I did to him. It kinda made me feel better and if say that Aproko Judith nor be girl before eh, I for smack nonsense commot for that her dry body. I started walking back home and I was so tired, hungry and tasty. I saw an opened public tap and I drank heavy gulps of water from it. When I arrived at our neighborhood( now my most dreaded place to be in), I was glad that not much people were around. It was a Sunday morning and the streets were usually dry and empty of people and activities.
“Ifeanyi!!!!!”, someone called me. It was my father, he ran towards me and dragged me into his arms for a warm embrace. “Son, where have you been, I’ve been looking all over for you, where did you go, you scared me”, he was almost in tears. I felt sorry for what I’ve put him through. “Am so sorry sir, it won’t happen again, so sorry”, I said crying. He held me tightly by the hand(as if he dey fear say I wan run again) and led me home. “Dad, am hungry”, I said as I sat down exustedly in the old leather chair. My dad quickly ran out and bought me a dish of rice and stew from a local restaurant(mama puts) close by, I consumed the food instantly.
“My dear, don’t do that again OK, do you want to kill yourself because of this JAMB of a thing? Lemme tell you, everyone must face challenges, you’re still in the first phase of life, there are bigger problems and trials life had to offer. This one na small thing compared to future ones. And how can you face them if……….” “Dad it’s OK, am alright now, I just went somewhere to cool my head, nothing more”, I said, cutting him short of his usual lectures on life problems. “Are you sure you are OK, son?”. “Yes dad, I am. You’re right, it’s no use crying over split milk, I still have my whole life ahead of me”, I said, feeling so much better all of a sudden. Am just starting to gain my confidence back now.
“That’s good, I’m happy about that, now go take your bath and dress up. We are going somewhere, hurry up”, he said. “But where are we going”, I asked. “You see, we are going to thank the stranger who paid for your treatment bills. I called him yesterday with the number he dropped for us just to thank him but he invited us to his home instead. He said he’ll like to see you and maybe give you a better job my dear”, he said smiling, he was obviously happy about the development. Chaii!, I just remembered, I never even tell my papa say I nor get work and scholarship again. Well maybe later, I don’t wanna spoil his mood.
I obeyed him and went to take my bath(i never baff better baff since how many days now). This time I made sure to clean up very well and put on one of my finest outfit. We arrived at the address which the man had provided and his gateman allowed us in. Mehn!, una need to see the mansion. Very big and fine. Shuoo, money good oh. See the fine trees and flowers scattered around the large compound. A large swimming pool at one end, a beautiful garden at the other end. A small basketball court and a football field, probably for his children. A fleet of expensive cars, about seven in number lined up in the parking lot. This man must be filthy rich.
One of the maids lead us inside to the sitting room. Mehn!, see AC wey dey blow sweet breeze, hmmmm, poverty nor good oh. The inside of the house even fine pass outside. My dad and I sat down admiring the place nor knowing I was in for the shocker of my life because as soon as the man stepped down the staircase, I quickly recognized him as one of my estranged………….

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