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Diary Of A PortHarcourt Olosho (Episode 2)

I panicked for this was the first time I was faced with a situation that had no instant solution, abort the baby and die or keep the pregnancy and make this cloud of shame hang over my parents head for the rest of their lives?, I called Onome my classmate back in secondary school, we were of the same fold as her parents were pastors like mine, but she had perfected the art
of living a two facet life, in church she would lead the choir but she would point to me in confidence saying ” I don straf that man, see as him dey dance like say him sabi do anything for bed, na him wife me I enjoy, I suck her toto till she begin dey shout, Holy micheal!”, yeah she was a bisexual something I had not tried but I saw her as a role model.

She laughed without caution, if your friend was in such dilemma, the last thing she needs was a laughter so irritating. But I waited helplessly for
she to stop laughing and then she advised me to leave Ogun state and come to portharcourt, “With that your hips Jumoke! Ah I swear these portharcourt oil workers would queue up to have a slice of it, leave your house and come here let’s make money”, that seemed like a better option, get an abortion far away from home,incase I die nobody would know, not even a single church member!. Then if I succeed I would be very rich as Onome had promised, her pictures on facebook had the ambiance of one in affluence as she is always seen popping bottles of expensive wine, so the next day I grabbed the few things I
could, threw my bag over the fence and then head for the park, portharcourt here I come!.

It was a long tortuous journey but the moment the bus veered into the park and I alighted from the bus, I knew something was install here for me in this city of portharcourt, the men at the park practically drooled at me as they stared at my hips while I swayed and sashayed with my bag in hand, Onome was on ground to welcome me as she was decked in a mini gown that was just few center away from her ‘private part’, with a big grin she hugged me and then helped in carrying my back, we walked past the touts that were gathered at a corner as one amongst them whistled with his mouth and said “Chai see this babe na, O girl you gather oh”, I smiled at them
while Onome turned in swift seconds and latched at them “Una no know una level abi? Na so una dey mumu for this waterlines”, no harm in admiring someones beauty. That was my own opinion but almost immediately Onome began to lecturer me, “in this portharcourt the boys would pay higher if you pretend to be mean”, I was still trying to understand what she meant by ‘pay higher’, when a car honked at us, it was beard dude in a honda element that was trying to get our attention, Onome flashed angry looks at the guy and signaled at me to keep moving, passerby’s and traders alike who were watching the event as it played had smiles on their faces and I was beginning to drown in shame, not long after the car drove past us another car honked at us again, I turned briskly to see a young guy in jeep, the back was tinted though. so we continued walking towards the junction when the car got close to us and the back glass of the car that was tinted slowly whined down and a very old man with white beards and black hat on; smiled at us.

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Diary Of A Port Harcourt Olosho

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