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Deji The pool Boy: Episode 5


He was billed to wash the pool the next two days and he made sure he had the physical stamina necessary to perform the job. He could hardly wait to get home before he told his friend Makun who had got him the job in the first place.
”Guy how far?” He began on the call he placed o his friend
”I dey o. How the work go today?”
”Mehn, forget work o. Na so work dey sweet?”
”Ahn, what happened” Makun asked with suffcient interest to keep him talking
”Na the madam o. She no let me wash pool before she open for me”
”Oh boy, na correct racket be that o” Makun enthused with good humor
”Yes o, I chop am wella” He continued
”Na me find you this job o, you owe me better”
”Yes o, make we meet for yonder, I go roger you better” Deji told his friend.
They met at the peppersoup joint where he fetted his friend as a reward for aiding him in getting such good luck.
He arrived the now familiar gates of the house and was met by the security man, a strapping young man with chisel cut features and a broad chest. After identifying himself, he was led to the pool, where he was left alone, and once again as before, he stripped down to his underwear and began washing the pool. This time, he had a row of condoms in his pocket and he had taken a local hausa brew which guaranteed longer lasting erections and better stamina.
He did not have to wait long for his quarry as she walked briskly past him without uttering a word and going straight into the pool house. She was wearing a flowing gown when she went past him and he wasited a few minutes before joining her. He found her already naked and nubile ready to be ravished by his already throbbing dick. He wasted no time in laying her bare on the work table and plugging her with his dick. He wanted this to last very long, as he had plans of working her over pretty good, fucking her out till she reached a state of heightened excitement from which she would beg for relief.
He hammered away at her pussy, the slickness of the condom lubrication mixing with the juices from her pussy causing a squelching sound that drove him over the edge coupled with her loud moaning. He pounded away apparently unseen by anyone except the gate man who was standing by the lone high window of the shed, watching the unfolding drama. He had his dick out, very aroused from the live sex scene playing out in front of him, stroking his dick, and moaning in lieu with the thrust of Dejis dick going in and out of the fresh pussy before him. He too was caught up in the ecstasy of the moment so much so that he did not hear the footsteps approaching from the opposite direction.
Walking through the back of the house, oga had listened with mounting interest as he heard a profound silence, and knowing that the implements for pool cleaning which were quite noisy were supposed to be operational, he decided to check if there was a problem. The first sight that greeted his eyes as he rounded the bend was his security guard standing close to a window, pleasuring an already engorged penis. The sight in itself was strange and deciding to explore further, he tiptoed till he came to the other end, and that was when his guard saw him, and with a muffled yelp ran for cover. He went in the front door and the he was quick enough to see his newly employed pool boy pulling his recently cum filled cock out of the freshly fucked pussy of none other than his wife. His heart attack took a while to set in, but when he hit the floor, he knew it would be the last thing he would see before he breathed his last.

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