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Deji The Pool Boy Episode 4

The situation was getting very tense and slowly but surely, his manhood was slowly getting enormously engorged and he had to go in to get his clothes. ”Sorry madam..I mean Lily, I need to go in to get my clothes” ”Oh, dont mind me” she replied as she leaned aside on the door leaving a small space for him to squeeze in. He made his way in, brushing against her, and in that instant, his nostrils came alive to her heady scent of lavender and jasmine. He was thoroughly mesmerized by her sensuousness. As he made his way in, he felt her lightly grope his butt cheeks and squeeze it firmly.  ”so she wants it as much as I do?” he thought ”well I am not going to disappoint her”

As he moved in to the cramped space, he heard rather than saw her lock the door behind him leaving both of them in the semi darkness of the closet. At this point, he was fully erect and he turned around, reaching out with one of his free hands for her breasts and the other slid into her bikini bottoms and up her vagina, which at this point was dripping wet. ”oooohhhh”, she moaned as he felt her up ”I knew you were a real man the moment I saw you on our front porch, unlike that dead wood I call my husband that has not had an erection in years. Hurry up and fuck me hard before he starts looking for me” Deji needed no second invitation; he used his left hand to spread her legs apart, and his right to release his monster dick from its confines. He really did not plan for a long foreplay and he sucked on both her breasts alternately to enhance the mood.

Releasing her, he lined up his massively engorged twelve inch dick against her dripping wet juicy pussy, and with one swoop, pushed it in, reaching and probing the depths of her pleasure box.  ”oooohhh yeah, that’s it sir” she yelped as he filled her tight cunt with his dick ”fuck me like the young stud you are” He needed no further prompting as he began to pump her, slowly at first and picking up the tempo, as he felt his dick mashing up the juices in her insides. He ws in cloud nine, as this pussy was tight, far tighter than the cheap whores he usually patronized and she was really taking it like a pro. He used his left hand to bend her over and fucked deep and hard, alternating his delving strokes with shorter reaching ones. She kept shuddering and moaning loudly as they kept at it.

He  must have been fucking her like this for a full thirty minutes and he was still nowhere close to releasing so he picked her up and placed her roughly on a table wedged against the wall allowing him better access to her dripping cunt. He continued to plow into her, while she kept on moaning, and at the very moment he felt close to ejaculating, he felt her shudder, and her vibration of her imminent orgasm was transferred to him as he grunted loudly, his cum coming out in ropes, filling her vagina even as she yelped in the throes of her own orgasm. They both were worn out from the bout of sex, but they had spent almost two hours out here and they had to leave to avoid suspicion. He first cleaned her pussy with his now discarded briefs and watched her put on her bikini while he stuggled into his clothes.  She made a quiet exit from the pool house, and while she was at the door, she turned and said to him ”You are very ggod at pool cleaning. My pool will need to be cleaned at least four times a week. I am sure you have enough energy, you will be rewarded well” Winking as she turned she left him standing in there, thoroughly drained, but quite sure that he was hooked on his new job.

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