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Deji The Pool Boy Episode 3

The pool was located in a shielded area covered on three sides by trees and on the fourth side by a modest pool house. There was not a clear view of the pool from the house or from other neighbors in the area, and hence, Deji thought it would be a good idea to take off most of his clothes to avoid the simmering heat.  He was  wearing white tight briefs underneath which displayed the outline of his massive penis, but he felt reasonably confined, and he knew the house was mostly deserted so there was no harm in it.

It took him a while to sort out the cleaning materials and get about the cleaning. The pool was in bad shape, littered with leaves and sprouting algae everywhere. He had to plunge inside the pool many times over in order to get to the hard to reach areas, and really scrub hard to get the dirt out.  He was deeply engrossed in his work, having been going at it for at least two hours and so he was quite surprised when he turned around to see a very elegant lady staring at him. She looked to be in her late thirties, tall and with glistening ebony skin. She had pert breasts and a well toned butt, and she covered it all with a sheer bikini strap.

He was immediately self conscious and proceeded to wade out of the pool, trying to reach to his clothes, but she was standing at the doorway of the pool house where he had kept his clothes. He ended up standing a few feet in front of her, thoroughly flustered and apologizing for the embarrassment. ”I’m sorry madam, I did not know any body was in” She answered with the sweetest voice he had heard in a while. ”So you are the new pool boy?”She asked ”Yes madam, that is me” he answered. Already, he was taking in the lady standing before him and he was admiring the curves and striking perfections of her sheer womanliness, with the resultant effect that he began to feel a familiar stirring in his loins. If he did not rush in to get his clothes soon, he was going to be in trouble but he could not move as he was rooted to the spot, transfixed by her stare. ”I am your oga’s wife” she finally said, looking him over from head to foot, her gaze lingering for a while on his semi erect manhood. ”Nice to meet you ma” He told her, for want of something to say. ”I can see you are doing a good job” she continued in a sexy soprano tone ”Thank you madam” ”call me Lily” she corrected him.

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