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Deji the pool boy episode 2

And so, this new day, he was on his way to his new job, wearing a slightly faded T shirt, washed out jeans and a pair of old sneakers. The Tshirt hugged him tightly marking out the outlines of his trim abs and muscles. It took him about an hour to get to the island and his first port of call was a sprawling storey building he had been informed was owned by the Archbishop of a new generation church. He walked to the front door, knocked and was received by a stern looking maid. She took him to the back of the house where the pool was located and gave him scant instructions on the chemicals to use and the specific brushes and tools. He used the next three hours to clean out the pool and was quite satisfied with his work when it was done.

He collected his pay from the maid and quite ecstatically moved on to the next house which was just as tone throw from the first location. It was already past noon and the sun was high in the sky, and alreay, a film of sweat was covering his face. This house seemed more deserted but still even more palatial than the first. The gate was ajar and he walked in and went to the front door, and knocked. It was flung open by an elderly regal looking man.  ”who are you young man and why are you disturbing us?” He asked ”I am sorry sir, I am the new pool man and I…” ”Is this when you were asked to come? Lazy ungrateful young man” He cut in.

Deji was quite taken aback by the seeming unprovoked hostility.  ”I am sorry sir” he managed to mumble ”Sorry for yourself” the man went on ”You had better do a good job of cleaning my pool. I am going to be inside and when you finish, I will inspect it first before paying you” Deji did not utter a response as the man pointed in the general direction of the pool and the hardware closet.  Deji cursed the man under his breath for subjecting him to such humiliation as he made his way to the back.

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Deji The Pool Boy Episode 3

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