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Compulsory Marriage Episode 37

Mary: There was this particular day he initiated chat with me on whatsapp and asked me about where I was staying..it was just a friendly chat and I told him I was staying here..it was a surprise that he showed up by the door..i heard a knock on my door and I was surprised he was the one when I opened the door.
I wouldn’t have allowed him in but he told me it was a friendly visit so,I allowed him in…not until he started threatening me that he will expose me to you that the pregnancy is not yours. He threatened to expose all my past, I had no option than to give in to his demand and allow him sex me…so, he has always been coming back ever since then and I had no option than to always give in to him
Me: You are the biggest liar ever liveth…before he came to this house, has Emma not come earlier to bleep you here? In my bedroom……………
Mary: No oooooooo………………….
Me: Kay, will you deny that it was not Emma that gave you description to this house the first time you came here?
Kay: emma was the one that gave me the address and he told me he already had sex with her
Me: So, why are you lying again Mary, or you want me to show you evidence for that again?
Mary: No oooo…please am very sorry..pls forgive me snakie, I beg you in the name of God
Me: name of God indeed…..Did you remember God when you were doing it? Tell me please, how did you do it when we went to the hospital for pregnancy test?
Mary: I beg the Dr to alter the result of the test..i bribed him with 20k
Me: 20k and what? Say it cos I know the truth already and I have evidence too (Using scope to get other facts)
Mary: 20k and also suck him………..
Me: Suck him inside the lab while I was waiting for you guys outside..what about so many times he came to this house
Mary: It was only twice and I didn’t allow him have sex with me oooo
Dad: The one we heard is enough..i don even want to hear anything again..Mr Kayode abi whats your name, pick your phone and cloth then get out of this place before the count of three..
Snakie, go inside now..help this slut pack her belongings so that she can start going to her parent house with her bastard pregnancy
Mary’s Mum: Daddy ejo sir..please sir
My Mum: What are you begging for Mummy Mary, If snakie is your son, will you still allow him to marry this slut as a wife…..abeg, its all over, thank God things turn out this way, that is how we would have been nursing a bastard in our house.
Dad: Mummy Mary, please lets handle this in a mature and silent way so that neighbor will not know what is happening here and it will not cause much embarrassment. Just let us pack her load so that you guys can leave this place silently or else, gbogbo ile lo ma mo nkan tase ti ile fi jo oooo
We started packing Mary’s stuff and didn’t even take us up to 10 minutes to finish packing everything……Mary couldn’t beg again and it was shame all over their face, I was a bit relieved after they left…
Dad: You see my son, everyday of our life on this earth is a lesson and I believed you have learnt yours over this trying period….you can imagine what enjoyment of 5mins led you to
Mum: 5mins ke? Is the only excitement and enjoyment there not when you are coming? Which wont even last up to a minute…all other ones are just exercises
Dad: Abi oooo…see where lack of contentment with what you have in Biola led you to? Or is there gold under her own skirt? Or she has three breast?
Mum: Abi oooooo……Like I always tell you my son, puccccy are not different from each other, its only face you guys are bleeping…
Biola: Mummmmmmy
Mum: yes now…if you say this lady’s own is too wide or that other one is too narrow, you put your deek there and it wont enter? Wont you come irrespective of either wide or narrow…….And no matter the size of the breast either, do u suck milk there? Is it not the same play you will do with a big one that you handle small one? The most important thing is to be satisfied with whatever God gave to you in your woman…
Dad: Abi ooooo…….If you are satisfied with what you have, I believe yo wont end up in a compulsory marriage which almost shatter your life and turn everything upside down..you have learnt your lesson in a serious hard way and I believe this type o mistake wont occur again
Mum: We wont even allow this kind of thing to happen again…the next thing now is to find a way for proper marriage of him and Biola so there wont be chance for things like this again.
Biola Aya mi, please we are very sorry for everything, you are the one we will beg…Thanks so much for your patience and understanding, you guys will live long together Ayami..you will born boys and girls for me…wa bi beji, ibeta, iberin
Biola: Amin ma but Ahh mummy, ibeji tito oooo
Mum: kilode, eyin mi gba oooo…did I tell you I am not ready to carry my grand children?
Dad: Indeed…..abeg, lets be going to our own house, we thank God for everything and the way things work out……….
I finally thank God that the storm in my life was ofer and the devil was totally out of my life…My mum and dad later left after eating and there was love in the air again between me and Biola from that day and we thank God that my Compulsory Marriage to Mary Finally ended on a good note and I was back with the love of my life……..

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