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Compulsory Marriage 2- Episode 6

The statement from my dad was like putting petrol in already burning fire, I know my dad very well that it takes the grace of God to to change his mind once he made his decision and since he said he wasn’t going back there and wont allow my mum to go back, I knew he mean it and the only way my mum can go is going behind him. What if he eventually find out that my mom goes behind him, it might cause serious problem.

I got home later in the evening and initiated a chat with Biola

Me: Whats up boo

Biola: Am fine baby boy..please am eally sorry for what happened in the morning

Me: No problem dear

Biola: I will find time during the week to come and apologize to mom and dad

Me: no problem dear..we will definitely go together

Biola: Thanks honey

Me: So, how far with popsy? Any luck with him

Biola: he is still adamant oooo…seriously that we wont give his consent and if I want to force it, I should bear the consequence.

Me: wow…that’s serious, what of mumsy?

Biola: she’s on our side and has given her consent but you know my dad his hard to break, the blood of a general is still running in him

Me: But I thought they said when one is getting old, u leave behind your youthful character

Biola: Not like my dad ooooo……so, hw about mum and dad? Hope they didn’t feel insulted

Me: Uhmmmmmm

Biola: Whats hmmmmm? Please talk to me baby

Me: It was just like the same thing happening to you..dad felt insulted and embarrassed but mom took it lightly

Biola: So, how far with him?

Me: Who?

Biola: dad of course…

Me: Well..just exactly like what your dad is saying too………..

Biola: That he wont give his consent?

Me: except we are getting married compulsorily

Biola: wow….this is serious issue oooo……..am confused

Me: Confuse myself too….i don’t even know what to do but mum is still trying to talk to popsy to soften his mind

Biola: Have spoken to mom and we agreed that we will involve popsy’s mum, that’s the only person he fears most and will always do whatever she asked of him

Me: well, that’s good…..maybe I will adopt that too with my dad cos I believe he also respect his mum so much too…so, what is the plan baby

Biola: we will be going to her place on Saturday, explain everything to her and bring her down to our house to talk to dad

Me: Ohk dear..i will call mum too to explain this plan to her..we will see tomorrow now baby?

Biola: yes baby, after work..i love you so much baby

Me: I love you too dear…Good night dear


I ended the chat with Biola and started thinking and prayed for quick resolution, I called my mum to find out if my popsy mind has soften down but she told me that he didn’t even want to discuss the issue with her again but I should relax my mind that everything will be fine in no time. I brought up the issue of involving my grandmother which she objected to. In her own word “don’t worry yourself too much about that, your dad is my husband, I know how to get things I want from him, all our efforts should be on Biola’s dad for now.

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