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Compulsory Marriage 2- Episode 5

My Mum: As in snakie and Biola have settled their differences and he has seriously apologized to her and promised that what happened will never repeat itself again

Biola’s Dad: is that so Biola

Biola: “trembling” Ye…..Ye….yes daddy

Biola’s Dad: Yes what….you must be a bastard for saying yes..are you stupid?

“My mum, Biola’s mum and Biola quickly knelt down while I prostrated immediately”

My Mum: we are very sorry Sir…its not really her fault sir

My Dad: Sir, like I said earlier its worth it if you are angrier than this but we thank God things didn’t get out of hand totally before we realized our mistake. Do u know that, the lady was pregnant before meeting snakie but push the pregnancy on him because of his naivity. Sir, what if we tell you that guys were coming to the house to come and sleep with the lady at home while she was pregnant.

The last straw of it was that she was caught redhanded three weeks ago with another guy on snakie’s bedroom with 9 month pregnancy.

Biola’s Dad: WHAT!!!!!

My Dad: That is the truth sir, we all caught her red handed with the guy that very faithful day and she confessed. So we believe since she has gone her own way, the best we can do as a parent is to see to the differences between Snakie and Biola but we thank God they already settled it before involving us and we realized the best thing is for us to come with him here to plead on his behalf for Biola’s hand in marriage

Biola’s Dad: Which hand in marriage? That’s over my dead body

My Mum: Ahhh Daddy..please Sir

Biola’s Dad: There’s nothing to beg there mummy, the truth is that, my daughter cannot marry snakie..I thank God that he now knows the truth that the pregnancy is not hers. Yoruba adage says “ For the eye that will see your old age, rheum will never start coming out of it from your early years”.

Despite the fact that my daughter is always going to snakie house, spending the weekend and all sort, he still had the effontry to sex another lady, not only sex but play my son as a fool, having sex with two ladies in the house under the same roof.

If he can behave like that to her when they are still courting, I wonder what will happened if they eventually married each other, I knew what my daughter went through and I don’t want her to go through worst cos it will be disastrous by that time and there wont be remedy for it again. What is the assurance that things like that will not happened again

My Mum: rara sir ooo…what happened was a mistake and he has realized his mistake and promised never to repeat itself again

Biola’s Dad: Promised? He should do that to his next wife and not my daughter. Please I was about going out before you came in and I want to start going now. Thank you for coming

Honey, Please am going to pastor Andrew’s place. I wont be staying long…….

“Biola’s Dad step out of the house”

My Mum: Mummy wa, please help us plead with him when he comes back

Biola’s Mum: Please don’t be offended sir and ma, I know he is still angry. I will try and talk to him when he comes back

My Dad: we will be taking our leave now, thanks so much for your hospitality

“My dad stood up from his seat, I knew from his body language that he felt embarrassed but I don’t really know how he took it at that very moment. We all stood up and made out of their house. Biola and her mum saw us off to where we parked and we moved out of their compound”..Inside the car on our way to drop my parent

My Dad:What an insult……am I the one that idiot just walked out on?

My Mum: E ma binu sir

Me: am sorry dad

My Dad: Sorry for yourself…see what you caused me? I have never been embarrassed like this before in my life let alone someone that is not even up to my age. Is her daughter the only lady in this world? If she’s not allowing you to marry her daughter there are so many good girls out there now

My Mum: Please don’t look at it that way honey

My Dad: Then how should I look at it despite our pleading and conviction. Is he God? He now has the effontry to walk out on me…is it his fault? If not for this boy that made me witness this arrant nonsense

My Mum: I believe he is still angry that’s why he behaves like that..let us give him sometime

My Dad: that his own business, if he likes let his mind come down at least its not compulsory that my son marry his daughter

Me: Its compulsory oo dad

My dad: Then you have to marry her compulsorily without my consent

My Mum: Which one is compulsory marriage again daddy..are you also angry now

My Dad: Why wont I be angry…..yes and I mean it maybe you guys will be married compulsorily without my consent cos I will never come here again and don’t think I will allow one useless man to embarrass my wife………That is my decision and its final, its not a must you guys marry each other.

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