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Compulsory Marriage 2- Episode 2

It was like a renewed love between me and Biola, we go to work together in the morning and do go to pick her up in the office later in the evening. There was no free chance at all for me, it was a total close marking from Biola, she want to know who called me, who am calling and all the contacts on my phonebook that are females. Who will even blame her and I dare even not hide anything for her again.

We visited my parent the following Sunday to appreciate their support and what they did for us. My parent was happy that Biola is becoming their wife most especially my mum. It was a good funfair at home that very day.

Dad: So my boy, what is your plan now

Me: Plan as how sir

Dad: Regarding your marriage to Biola? Don’t you know that you guys shouldn’t wait long again or you want her to get pregnant before doing the necessary things again

Me: No sir, we are giving it a serious thought sir and you know the decision is not ours alone

Dad: so, who else is involve…we your parent are minor issue now

Me: Yes, but the issue is with Biola’s parent. Have not seen them ever since that incident happened and they are not even aware that we are back together. Left to me if they are aware, I would have even love us to do the introduction as early as next month so that there wont be room for issues again

Dad: Biola should have been the one to explain things to them now

Me: She’s scared of their reaction even though she told me she hinted her mum about our situation but her response was not that possible and you know his dad is a strict military man that even threatened me that time that he doesn’t want to see me near his daughter again

Dad: Its normal that time as no parent will take it lightly with any guy that behaved like that to their daughter

Me: We are just putting everything in the hand of God and you sir

Dad: me ke?

Me: Yes daddy..you and mom

Dad: Why our hand?

Me: Am thinking if we can go together to their house nextweek. At least they will soft pedal seeing my parent come with me rather than go alone

Mum: When you were causin the problem, did you remember us?

Biola: Ahn..ahn mummy….please now

Dad: Don’t mind them, that’s how children of nowadays behave. They wont know when they are causing the problem but when everything boomeranged, they will run back to their parent

Me: Ehnnn dad, atleast is you elders that do say that someones child can never be so stubborn that you will chase him to the tiger for dinner

Mum: Ahhhhh..omo deyi ma npowe ke?

Biola: Ahnn..ahnnn Mummy

Dad: Don’t mind him…..Do we have ay plan for next weekend mummy Ola

Mum: uhmmmmmm, Saturday is victoria’s wedding but I don’t think we have anywhere we are going on Sunday

Dad: Ohk…Biola, will your parent be around on Sunday

Biola: yes, they should be…………..

Dad: No problem, we will come on Sunday……Please inform them

Biola: Please Sir, I cant inform them oooo..its better to be a surprise cos they might want to go out if they know you are coming most especially Dad. You know he’s still bitter about the whole issue.

Me: I think it will be better as a surprise

Mum: what if they now decide to go out..

Biola: I will be giving you feedback about their movement on Sunday sir

Dad: So we should be like a watch guard….tailing the movement of your parent

Mum: Don’t mind them…..

Me: Please now Daddy

Biola: mummy Please now…Please do this for us

Mum: Daddy…please lets consider them

Dad: Ohk oo…atleast you have learnt your own mistake now

Biola: Ahhhh Dad, he has over learn sef

Me: Shut up jhoor…na u dem dey follow talk? E concern u..papa and son dey talk and you dey put mouth

Mum: get away jhoor…make she no put mouth. Biola, lets go and continue our own discussion in the kitchen.

Biola: Yes Ma

They both left for the kitchen , me and my dad continue to gist. It was there and then he started gisting me about his own youthful age as it relate to what happened to me. He narrated what happened between my mum and him, how he was dating someone before my mum and it was a serious competition between both babes way back them but he was wise enough to be using preventive measure and not allow his deek dictate how he ended up with his life. “so how did you ended up with my mum?” I asked…….Your mum? Don’t mind her, she was smarter than me but not to the extent of Mary. That is why she couldn’t do much about Mary as she believe its somehow genetic, she think maybe things will work out perfect between you guys just like ours but she has forgotten that girls of nowadays can go the the extreme to achieve whatever they wanted………We both laughed at it

Mum: What are you guys laughing at? I know you are discussing about us…Aproko, daddy and son

Me: ahn..ahn mum, we are only gisting

Mum: ohk ooo..you guys should come to the dinning..food is ready.

After spending another two hours with my parent, we decided to leave around 6pm but our first point of call was Biola’s house to pick one or two things. We got to the gate entered the compound and saw Emma, Kayode and two other guys since the incident with Mary happened……

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