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Compulsory Marriage 2- Episode 1

It was a total relief that the storm was over, after my parent left my place, I drove to Biola’s house but instead of staying at home, she said she will like to follow me back home all in the name of she wouldn’t want to leave another space for something to happen again. We got home later in the evening and we renewed our vow and I promised her never to misbehave again, infact I promised her that my phone and everything will be totally accessible for her going forward and hardly will I go to anywhere without giving her feedback of all my whereabout. It was late in the evening in the bedroom and we recounted all what happened in the past 9 months…..

Me: So, what are we going to do now baby

Biola: Do as how?

Me: Regarding your parent

Biola: uhmmmm…that’s a serious issue that have been thinking of since yesterday, I don’t even know how to break everything to them

Me: We will explain to them now

Biola: You think its that easy?

Me: Whats hard there..atleast Mary that caused all this problem is no more there and the truth is now open that she wasn’t even carrying my pregnancy

Biola: To my parent, its not Mary that caused it but you..There was a day I was discussing it with my mum and her opinion was that if you can cheat on me while we are not married then what will happen when we get married

Me: And you couldn’t defend me?

Biola: Defend you? How will I do that at the thick of the storm

Me: I understand sha…but I can never do that when am married, I can never cheat on my wife

Biola: Uhmmmm…but you cheated on Mary with me now

Me: That’s not cheating now but true love, its because my heart has always been with you

Biola: the same way your heart with be with any of your ex if you guys mistakingly meet each other again

Me: which of my ex will I do that with

Biola: How will I know..just becareful, what happened is a serious lesson to both of us

Me: Definitely and have learnt in a serious way, I thought am a player not knowing that so many people are master player

Biola: But that biatch get mind sha…I cant even do quarter of what she did

Me: She’s definitely a criminal

Biola: We will find a way to tell my parent

Me: Am thinking maybe we should involve my parent..I know my mum will definitely want to follow me to your parent house even if dad will not want to go

Biola: Yes oooo…that’s a good idea

Me: then maybe you should try and be clearing the ground bit by bit before our visit so that it will be a smooth ride for us anytime we arrive

Biola: How will I clear the ground ooo mr planner

Me: By talking to mum alone first and playing the video for her to see

Biola: Ohk ooooo….i will do that sha, so when do you suggest we can do this?

Me: as early as possible, if possible I and mum should come to your house nextweek and I will love a situation where we can atleast get done with our marriage in a month time

Biola: Month ke? Hope that’s not too fast?

Me: Too fast bi ti bawo? What else are we waiting for..the best thing is for us to conclude on time and avoid sily mistakes again abi you still want these useless gehs to collect your guy again?

Biola: Lailai..thats impossible..lets wait and see how it goes sha, first thing is my parent

Me: Definitely…I love you so much baby

Biola: I love you too

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Compulsory Marriage Episode 37
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