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Category: The Web Of Mistakes


The Webs Of Mistake Episode 32

“They’ve been following us!” Shirley told Carl. “I’ve noticed. Isaac warned us.” He could see the black SUV trailing behind them. “Could he be there?” “Probably.” Shirley gazed at Carl with love in her eyes. On their way to the Airport, he’d told her his feelings. He wasn’t sure if he’d survive but he’d die […]

The Webs Of Mistake Episode 31

Isaac hadn’t mentioned marriage. If he had, probably they’d have sped up their trip back. Carl’s, Jessica’s and Isaac’s life were all in danger. Why was she exempted? She’d rather die with them than be Dominic’s girl. People were cruel. Jessica was her problem now. She was going to get married to death. Evan would […]

The Webs Of Mistake Episode 30

TWO WEEKS LATER “Jessica?” Shirley almost shouted into the phone. “Yes?” a puzzled voice said. Ah, at last! It finally went through. Shirley had tried contacting Jessica for weeks now and it never was possible. It was today, thank you Lord, she prayed. “Jess, its Shirley.” “Shirley?” the voice was cold. “Yeah, yeah. I have […]

The Webs Of Mistake Episode 29

“My wedding with Jessica has been fixed,” Evan announced over the phone. He smirked. “Congratulations. Nice one. When’s the date?” a deep male voice replied. “Two weeks time,” Evan answered his Boss, beaming with smiles. Things were finally falling into place. “Good. Don’t fuck up,” Boss ordered. “I have something else to tell you.” Evan […]

The Webs Of Mistake Episode 28

“What? You have no idea what you’re doing.” Jessica was being played. “I do. He told me everything, he just found out. I trust him and….love….him,” those words were hard to say. “Get out!” The men that came in with Evan seized Isaac. He didn’t care. He wanted Jessica alive, she’d die in the hands […]

The Webs Of Mistake Episode 27

Days rolled into weeks, weeks into months. The master mind had not yet been caught or even found. The name Bett had given helped a little, they couldn’t get back to Chicago. Mysteriously, Bett’s knee didn’t get any better which didn’t let him travel and Jessica’s cell hadn’t been ringing, there hadn’t been service to […]

The Webs Of Mistake Episode 26

Bett threw a glance at her then back to Carl. He snarled. “Whatever.” Carl grinned. “So, you would actually celebrate her death?” “My family would.” There was dead silence. Carl silently studied Bett once more. Making up things to tell him hoping he’d speak up. “Who hurt your face?” Tired of being questioned, Bett cried […]

The Webs Of Mistake Episode 23

“We’re going back there.” Carl announced to Shirley, who was caught unawares. She fastened her seat belt. “To that evil man?” “Yeah. Something’s not right.” He turned to her direction. “I’m afraid to say this.” “Spit it out.” She dared him. “I don’t think Simon’s the one we’re after.” Shirley blinked her eyes twice, her […]

The Webs Of Mistake Episode 22

“Good morning, mummy.” Jessica greeted her mum as she strolled down the stairs. Beauty turned to her daugher and smiled. “Good morning, you’re already dressed.” Mrs. Beauty still in her white wear handed Jessica a cup of coffee. “How are you doing?” Jessica took the cup and had a sip. “Whoa! This is nice. I’m […]

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