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The Revenge

The Revenge (Episode 7)

Back at the bar, the fight was still on and jack was still killing the “cobrans” while alberto was busy throwing his pocket knives from his hideouts too. They had noticed each other and they knew one of them would have to go down. Then alberto made a swift move. He stood up fast and […]

The Revenge (Episode 6)

Red Friday II Few minutes after Jack left Zick and the other guys back at the table with the stripper girl,,three vehicles drove into the large compound of club play house. It was two cars and a bus all filled with members of the “wolves”. The vehicles drove straight into the car park of the […]

The Revenge (Episode 4)

Obaz never knew his elder brother belonged to a confraternity. In fact,, it was osas who always advised him to stay away from such group of people. Daniel osato was more of the quiet one among the brothers. He was always cool and didn’t like anything that brought great trouble. He tried to be at […]

The Revenge (Episode 3)

Tracy’s Room. “We have to report to the police” Tracy said amidst tears. She was helping obaz to massage his ankle with a towel soaked in hot water. “No Baby. I don’t really think that is necessary.” “I have something better in mind” Obaz replied. He was now calm but still sober. “What do you […]

The Revenge (Episode 2)

“Gbim! Gbim!! Gbim!!! Gbim!!!!” “Tracy please open up quickly” Obaz shouted in a very shaky voice as he banged very hard on the steel door of his girlfriend’s room. It was as if something was chasing him. She quickly jumped up from the bed and headed towards the door quickly as her large breasts were […]

The Genesis (Episode 17)

I joined them and we began to gist about random stuffs, from school to how we planned to spend the holiday, mary and florence said they would be leaving for ghana the next month(their father based their), vannessa would be going to computer classes in my area, i immediately made up my mind to face […]

The Revenge (Episode 8)

They all dropped their weapons and put their hands on their head as the police had instructed. It was a few of them left. There were bodies scattered all over the place as the police men numbering up to 20,,fully armed,,rushed into the bar and began to round the ones who had survived up. 10 […]

The Revenge (Episode 5)

11th July,,2008. Red Friday I Zick and his fellow cobrans found themselves at club Play house. It was one of the biggest clubs in benin city at that time. Known for hosting so many different cult groups where they come to chill,,party or have a meeting. At the entrance of club play house is a […]

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