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The Rape By Prince of the seas

The Rape Episode 10

After some months my mum divorced him,because she caught him with 5 different women in the house,I was very happy that it happened,I was absolutely free from all what he was planning to do to me,I was over joyed. We moved out of that b—–d’s house,to another place,the new house we moved into was very […]

The Rape Episode 9

There came a day that my mum went to her shop that day leaving ruth blessing and I at home,that stupid man was not at home so I was free to move around.i,blessing and Ruth were watching tv but after some hours i slept off in the parlour,when I woke up from my sleep I […]

The Rape Episode 8

He gabbed my hand and pulled me back to the ground,then he……..crying….I don’t think I have the mind to say this….crying…….he ra…ped me…….crying more and more………that was my first time of being raped,I now fully understand how blessing felt when she was raped,I hate man,I hate that stupid man that calls himself my mum’s husband,God […]

The Rape Episode 7

After three years life was becoming cool and ok for me but on the 18 of june my my my loving dear sweet wonderful amazing great awesome irreplaceable heart diamond……crying……………crying……….left me……crying……my life wasn’t the same after he left me,I and blessing were sick for weeks,I couldn’t concentrate on anything,my mind was not where it was […]

The Rape Episode 6

A week later blessing was feeling alright and healthy,everything was normal..i think… was a thursday and my dad told ruth to take us out to have fun,I was very happy hearing it,I told blessing and she was all jumpy and she started dancing. later in the afternoon we all dressed up and we were ready to […]

The Rape Episode 5

He was about to pounce on me when I quickly rolled my self to the ground,before he could adjust himself to get hold of me,I ran away leaving my front door open. I was out side,now I was really afraid and scared,I was shaking and I was praying that my dad comes back quickly today,I […]

The Rape Episode 4

Something happened in the middle of the night when I and my little sis was sleeping,my little sister started saying “leave me alone,leave me alone”,i was in a deep sleep but i could hear her saying it,i quickly jumped out of sleep and i saw her shaking,her hands were fighting the air,i tried to wake […]

The Rape Episode 3

He locked the door as soon as we entered,he was acting funny and strange as if we wanted to use us for something,he was rubbing my sister head like a ball and his eyes were red(I think he must have smoked again because that is what he normally do,he took us to his room which […]

The Rape Episode 2

Episode 2 My house was not like every other home,we were five in our house(my dad,mum,senior sis,me and my little sister),I have always wished for a senior brother or a little brother but that never happened(if I had a senior brother I am sure that what happened to me won’t have happened…)we leaved in a […]

The Rape

RAPE 1 (crying) My name is ashame to me,this world is such a bad place to stay,life is useless,Life is evil, men are not suppose to be added to live, life should have been destroyed by God,we human beings should never have been made,all men are evil,all man are demons,I wish God destroy them(ah God […]

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