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Category: The Most Wanted Maid

The Most Wanted Maid

The Most Wanted Maid Episode 38

Angela entered the room with David,who insisted he must go with her.Her parents were sitted in the parlour with Adaora and Sonia,to her surprise.She stared at her,that passion she had to kill her was no longer there but the hatred still lingered. Her mood worsened.If she knew the reason her father called her had something […]

The Most Wanted Maid Episode 37

“What?!”Angela screamed in disbelief.Her hands were trembling and she lost hold of her phone.The phone fell to the ground,with the sobbing voice of Mike still coming from it. “What’s going on?”David asked. Angela quickly picked up the phone. “Mike what are you saying? What happened? She wasn’t sick”Angela jabbed,trying not to believe it but equally […]

The Most Wanted Maid Episode 36

Angela was lying on the sofa,watching a programme on the television when David entered.She had kept her business on hold for the time being. She walked up and welcomed him. “Honey,i have been feeling somehow for days now”She complained. “How have you been feeling?”David asked jokingly,smiling and staring at her. “I’m serious,”Angela made a face,”i […]

The Most Wanted Maid Episode 35

Ebere came closer to the door,to make sure her eyes weren’t deceiving her. For few minutes,nobody said anything.Ebere took time staring at him from head to toe.His appearance still speaks volumes about his wealth. Angela too was surprised;after all these years? “Have you come to add salt to my injuries? Have you come to scratch […]

The Most Wanted Maid Episode 34

“My daughter..its time to come home”Ebere heard the voice.She saw her,calling on her.It took her sometime to realise it was her mother. Oh,how she missed the woman.The cold hands of death snatched the woman away from her when she was still very young,leaving her under the care of her relations. “Come my daughter.Come”She smiled again,smiling […]

The Most Wanted Maid Episode 33

With one last look at Adaora,Ngozi opened the door wide for her to enter. Adaora took time observing the wide parlour.She couldn’t remember when last she was in that parlour. She forced out a little smile on seeing their father’s old picture hanging somewhere on the wall with other frames.Ngozi had begged her husband to […]

The Most Wanted Maid Episode 30

Tony alighted from the car and got into the house.David was dressed and seemed ready to leave.Tony looked around the parlour and saw empty bottles on the centre table in the parlour and eyed David. “What happened? Why weren’t you picking my calls?”David asked him. “There was a problem.I knocked someone down.Are you going out?”Tony […]

The Most Wanted Maid Episode 28

The lights flashed again into Angela’s little hiding place,doubling her fears.The thought of pulling off the white gown she was wearing to reduce the chances of being easily spotted nimbled through her but she discarded it. She tried holding her breath to prevent making even the slightest noise of breathing. As the footsteps came closer,she […]

The Most Wanted Maid Episode 27

Dawn was fast approaching.The moon was shinning bright up in the sky.Cold wind blew through out the thick forest.Angela yearned for her husband’s warm body as she curled up with her eyes closed.She imagined what could be happening in the world she left behind;the tears she knew would be on David’s eyes,the emotional trauma her […]

The Most Wanted Maid Episode 26

Bisi peeped again at the lady standing in the compound through the window.She was in no way familiar.Bisi had seen her walk bodly into the compound not long ago. “Bisi,Kilode? You have been peeping out through that window for sometime now”Her mother shocked her,coming closer to see what she was peeping at. Bisi had gasped,jumping […]

The Most Wanted Maid Episode 25

“Mom,i’m in trouble.The police wants me.They want me..”Sonia wailed between throaty sobs. “Haven’t she had enough? Must she do this?”Adaora kept asking.One could easily conclude she was asking the broadcaster on the t.v “Mom,what do we do now? I do want the police to catch me.People have seen the announcement already.What do i do?”Sonia asked […]

The Most Wanted Maid Episode 24

“David,you have been reserved and taciturn.You have refused answering my questions and i cant condone it any longer.What happened to my daughter.What led to her fainting”Mr.Uwa asked,the pain and anger of his daughter still missing,showing all over him.It was already getting dark.They just returned from the police station after making a report. “Did she fight […]

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