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The genesis

The Genesis (Episode 40)

While eating on the dinning, mum’s phone rang and she excused herself to pick it Hello, she said after pressing the green button Are you serious? Praise the lord Am on my way, she said happily…. Aunty Ngozi just gave birth, she said immediately she hung up, Wow! Baby what? I asked I didn’t even […]

The Genesis (Episode 35)

The day went by with nothing of importance happening, Jennifer didn’t say any word to me neither did I try to bring up any conversation, we both sat in the parlour watching random stuffs until my uncle came back with aunt chioma, I later left them and went into my room while jennifer joined aunt […]

The Genesis (Episode 34)

We later left the shop though not together as she said she didn’t want us to be seen together, didn’t understand what she meant but I also did not bother to understand, there was a ready enough mystery with her…. I got home and Jennifer was till in the sitting room watching one those annoying […]

The Genesis (Episode 32)

After the meal, as usual jennifer and I cleared the dishes and went to wash them off, we didn’t say a single word to each other and funny enough, she didn’t try to make any funny comment, quite strange but it was better like that……. After the whole washing and tidying up of the kitchen, […]

The Genesis (Episode 31)

The shock on their face was real, they immediately dis entangled from each other immediately I barged in, if they were both shocked, then no word could describe how I felt then, I quickly walked away closing the door behind me, all these happened in a split second. I got downstairs and stood around thinking, […]

The Genesis (Episode 30)

You know that confidence you have when knowing for sure that you would bang a girl when you gets to her place? That was the confidence I had as I walked to Esther’s place. Luck was finally on my side, I just got laid yesterday and here I was getting ready to hit another pvssy, […]

The Genesis (Episode 29)

I immediately rushed out taking the backdoor and soon I was at the backyard waiting for princess. I waited for about five and she was still no where to be found, I hated waiting and so I was already becoming uncomfortable. I reached out for my phone but discovered that I had left it in […]

The Genesis (Episode 27)

Mass that sunday was rather long and tiring, the day was their thanksgiving day and also donation towards the church’s new project. There is something about catholic church of assumption Falomo, its by far the smallest catholic church i have ever gone to in terms of size but the caliber of people that attend and […]

The Genesis (Episode 24)

I s tood there wondering what i did wrong, why is she angry right now? Now even though esther had been given me greenlight, i had purposely acted ignorant of the whole advances she had been making largely because i initially thought i could have a chance with princess and having anything with esther while […]

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