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The Concubine By Becca

The Concubine Episode 10

  Waking up the following morning, melody found sandra and onyinye in the kitchen. Fixing breakfast. She greeted onyinye and didn’t hesitate to let sandra know she is surprise finding her in the kitchen. ” Bae, you know you’re a guest. Biko don’t over work yourself oo” ” Funny you calling me a guest, we’re […]

The Concubine Episode 9

  Sandra didn’t say a word, she just smiled to herself. It was really easily getting into emeka’s home. She knew he had a kid sissy, all she did was search her up on facebook. After sending a request, she began liking her pictures. Then sent her a message. Onyinye noticed the frequent notifications coming […]

The Concubine Episode 8

  ******* A thousand and one thoughts ran through emeka’s mind. What the f**k is sandra doing in his house? How did she get here? He was still processing everything, forgetting to reply her greeting when onyinye’s voice brought him out of his thoughts. ” Uhhm, big bro meet my friend sandra. she stays in […]

The Concubine Episode 7

******** Emeka’s phone rang bringing him out of his thoughts,it was Melody. He smiled to himself. “Hi love” melody’s voice came from the other end. “Hi baby, how are you and the baby?”. He asked her. “We’re very well,I just want to inquire what you’ll want for dinner?” Scratching his head, Emeka didn’t even know […]

The Concubine Episode 6

THE CONCUBINE EPISODE6 ****** Emeka was having a hard time at work,sandra had called all through the night. He didn’t know what she wanted from him,memories of his escapades with sandra came back to him. A young undergraduate of federal university of technology Owerri ,Emeka’s accommodation was off campus and a private hostel. He had […]

The Concubine episode 4

********** After dinner on sunday,emeka and melody were relaxing and watching tv in their sitting room. Melody’s head on emeka’s thighs cracking his fingers and playing with his beards. “Baby onyinye said she ll be coming next weekend” Emeka told melody. “No problem now,she’s welcome her brother’s house is her house. Melody didn’t complete the […]


THE CONCUBINE EPISODE3 ********** Melody assumed the role of wife and home maker,she makes sure her husband’s food is ready in time,his clothes neat and ironed and to crown it all she carries out her wifely responsiblites to the fullest,never denying him sex. Emeka knew life with melody is going to be beautiful and perfect […]


THE CONCUBINE EPISODE2 ********** The wedding was wonderful,friends,family members and well wishers turned up big time!. Melody’s heart skipped when the reverend said ” do you wish to take Melody Umoh as your lawfully wedded wife,to love and to cherish in sickness and in health till death do you part?” “I do, Emeka’s voice so […]


THE CONCUBINE EPISODE1. ********** Melody couldn’t contain her joy,finally she would be getting married to the man of her dreams,a man she’d loved all her life…Emeka! Remembering how they met,she was much younger. She had attended her cousin’s birthday party. God knows,she didn’t want to go but her mom had insisted. It was love at […]

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