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Taking Chances

Taking Chances Episode 9

***************** The atmosphere was still cooking with a kind of angry heat, when mama, Daisy and Jumoke walked in. As Jide had noted, Daisy was wearing her share of the family uniform, though her hers fitted her perfectly and highlighted her curves. The clock showed the time to be 9:10. Yet Noone in the parlor […]

Taking Chances Episode 8

…… …… ‘It’s gone now, am okay. Twas because i missed my nightly dose of juice’ she said in truth, maybe all of Mama’s rant had somehow paid off afterall. ‘juice? but they was more than enough at the wedding and You should have told Jide to get you some…’ ‘yeah right’ Daisy snorted cutting […]

Taking Chances Episode 6

Jide didn’t reply immediately, he just stretched forth his hand to pick up the remote where it sat. After which he started pressing its buttons, midway in the act he spoke: ‘Mrs Olukoya’ he drawled sarcastically ‘the kitchen is over there through the dining and the bedroom is in the hallway behind that curtain’ he […]

Taking Chances Episode 5

Just then a middle aged man dressed in a long flowing robe came out through the small gate, bowed and muttered something before disappearing inside to go open the bigger gate. ‘The f.ool! always sleeping on duty’ Jide said angrily. Soon they were driving into the compound, Daisy eyes instantly became busy scanning her environment. […]

Taking Chances Episode 4

The drive home at half past eight was not smooth sailing, Jide was very angry and irritable all through, he cursed and yelled at any motorist who was unfortunate enough to make a reasonable mistake, or those that were not in line with Jide’s ‘driving rules’. He shouted at hawkers who came to sell their […]

Taking Chances Episode 3

‘Mama please, if there’s anyone to blame here, its me. Am the one who fell in love with a man like Jide, i did nothing to stop this imminent crash because of this…this…this…’she couldn’t describe it. ‘…love, that is causing me so much sorrow’ she completed, still lying down. ‘Please don’t be hard on yourself […]

Taking Chances Episode 2

The rest of the ceremony dragged on slowly, Jide’s anger increased with each activities they observed that was stipulated on the program menu. When it was time to feed eachother the cake, Jide almost stuffed Daisy with the cake, that act had given him pleasure. ‘serves her right’ he thought to himself. Daisy had however tenderly […]

Taking Chances Episode 1

A story by Cynthia Ukamu EPISODE 1 The sun smiled pleasantly at the large spaced and brightly decorated garden of Queens Hotel which was being used as the reception venue for the wedding of Jide and Daisy, the atmosphere was cheerful as would a wedding, and the couples were beautifully dressed in their wedding apparel, […]

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