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Sister Mary By Val

Sister Mary Episode 18

“please stop saying nonsense my dear” i whispered back to chioma who quickly dropped her eyes and kept quiet. “as you can see, my sister is sleeping. It’s quite unfortunate you guys came at the wrong time. Maybe next saturday you can come over” Mary’s sister said with a cold smile. I shrugged and held […]

Sister Mary Episode 16

Very early the next day, i dropped Chioma at her apartment before heading over to Mary’s house. I was very determined to talk and probably settle issues with Mary that morning before any other thing. As i drove, the terrible dream i had the previous night came flashing back in my head. I shivered and […]

Sister Mary Episode 15

“so my brother, if there is any girl on your path or anybody you have offended. Please try and make peace with the person before proceeding with any plans you are having for your fiancee. It’s important to avoid any tragedy” he advised while i nodded calmly. Fifteen minutes later, we left the pastor’s office […]

Sister Mary Episode 14

Two days after Jboy’s burial, i made up my mind to go back to my apartment but Chioma fought very hard to prevent me from leaving. “what’s pursuing you from my home. Isn’t it better you continue staying with me until you settle issues with Mary” she protested, “you are right baby, but don’t worry. […]

Sister Mary Episode 12

“there is hope dear. There is still hope for us” i lied feebly. She stared into my eyes, trying to read me. “but you shouldn’t expect anything for now. I need time, i need a little space to pick my life together” i added convincingly. “i’ll give you all the time you need but just […]

Sister Mary Episode 11

The task of meeting Jboy’s family, burial arrangement and everyother thing was squarely on me. I just couldn’t find where to begin, how to start or which way to go about it all. I was so lost and empty. Mary wanted to lend me a supporting hand. She promised to help me with everything, but […]

Sister Mary Episode 10

I quietly finished my drink, left the restaurant and headed to my apartment where Mary was waiting for me. The last thing i wanted was allowing her spend the night with me. Her face wasn’t bright when i returned. She frowned expecting me to apologize to her, but unfortunately i wasn’t in a good mood. […]

Sister Mary Episode 9

6:50pm I was in my sitting room eating banana and groundnut with my eyes on the television set when my door bell rang, notifying me of Anita’s presence. I glanced at the wall clock, smiled and headed to the door which i quickly opened. “wow look at you?. Good evening” she greeted sweetly, came forward […]

Sister Mary Episode 7

“Mary dear, don’t listen to him. He has to pay for what he did to you” the young lady with her broke in, messing up my pleas. “send him back to his cell, will you” the officer quickly barked at the corporal who stared at us with confusion before dragging me out of the office. […]

Sister Mary Episode 6

After cleaning my bedroom and bathroom, i tried calling Mary on phone but she simply choosed to ignore my calls. I was scared and afraid. I couldn’t eat nor do anything else other than to lie down in my sitting room, deeply thinking without any solution. Finally by 5:30pm, I rushed over to Jboy’s apartment, […]

Sister Mary Episode 5

Later in the evening, i thought over my plans, rehearsing every step and praying for it to work out well. Commiting a crime is never easy, no matter how small it is. On rechecking the sleeping drugs Jboy gave me in the morning. I noticed that the small container in which the pills were stored […]

Sister Mary Episode 4

“but how do we go about the hot injection?. I like the plan but just asking” i murmured. Jboy laughed. “it’s just simple. After you must have drugged her. I’ll come over with a chemist friend who will do the injection. Very simple” he explained. I breathed deeply and stood up, “thanks man, i have […]

Sister Mary Episode 2

“ouch what are you doing?” i asked, “sssh quiet” She replied with a naughty smile, and continued sucking my d.ick hungrily as if her life depended on it, Slowly arousing me once again. My heart beat increased, my eyes dilated with excitement, but suddenly i held her head still, forcing her to stare at me […]

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