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Rob And Rape

Rob And Rape Episode 2

The sound of police siren coming from a distance soon caught my attention. I breathed deeply and thanked God. “Is that the police?” Jenny asked, peeping out from the toilet. “I guess so” i replied and hastily headed to the window, smiling in relief as i saw the hoodlums racing out of our lodge. “they are running away” i informed the girls. They […]

Rob And Rape Episode 1

TIME: 1:00AM, APRIL 16 2008 ST. GABRIEL GIRLS HOSTEL Somto’s Story…. The sharp sound of gunshots woke me with a terrible jolt. I sprang up confused and nervous. Kpooaaaaaaa Another gunshot went off outside my window, sending me tumbling on the floor. I laid down quietly for some seconds before getting up to peep through […]

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