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One Wrong Turn by Dicefrot

One Wrong Turn Episode 39

” pray nothing happens to your friend, you prostitute. ” ” and you” focusing on me “how did you become friends with this girl?” I looked sullenly at her, if only she knew how much i regret knowing Hannah. “what happened ma? ” i asked almost inaudibly ” your friend here was paid fifty thousand […]

One Wrong Turn Episode 38

We passed through an open ward to her office. The sight of mentally challenged people gave me the creeps. Some looked calm and well behaved, you ll rarely notice their madness. Others where obviously unruly and disorderly. Some showed waxy flexibility. I wondered why Ruth was in a psychiatric hospital. Has she suddenly become mad? […]

One Wrong Turn Episode 34

The sound of those words fell on me like a bomb. My heart became heavy, my limbs grew weak, i felt like dying. I ran up to Ehis and knelt down beside him, crying and pleading. I kept trying to explain that things were not exactly the way they seemed, i was here by accident and i wanted to escape before he came in. I swore […]

One Wrong Turn Episode 33

I lifted my head up slowly, to confirm the figure standing in front of me. My heart melted away when i saw the shock and disbelief on Ehis’s face. He gave me a cold hard stare, sending shock waves all over my body. I tried to speak, but words didn’t come out. There was no plausible excuse for my presence here. Ehis pinned his gaze at the […]

One Wrong Turn Episode 30

About three minutes later, Hannah emerged from the side of the building, and hurried straight to the car. She opened the door to my seat, pulling me slightly out of the car. “Ehis bye bye,” she said, waving hurriedly at Ehis. He started the engines and drove away. I took a careful look at Hannah. […]

One Wrong Turn Episode 28

I scrolled hurriedly through my contacts, searching for someone to call. I dialed Ruth’s number first. She answered at the once. I carefully explained the situation to her. She was as empathetic as i expected, but she couldn’t let me stay at her house. Her parents wouldn’t allow it. I called Hannah next. We could […]

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