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Omo Wobey

Omo Wobey Episode 5

Madam Lizzy was kneeling on the ground pleading with Tunji about wah happened earlier “Am sorry Tungbaski, I just wanted him to know we don’t take shii,that’s all”,she said “You went far…I mean you took it to the extreme, raping a guy is out of it madam Lizzy”,Tunji replied Susan who saw what was happening […]

Omo Wobey Episode 4

“Try it and your head will be off”,Tunji said as he came out when he heard the gun shot that killed Segun (Sege) “You are daring me huhn?”,Jack asked “Just do the fvvk you wanna do and get your brain scattered”,Tunji said “Hmmm…you haven’t warn this battle, seems like you know me but I don’t […]

Omo Wobey Episode 3

“Are you all deaf,drop your weapons and turn around”,he barked again. “What tha fuck!”Tunji said angrily “And who the hell do you think are”,the man replied Tunji “Wait a minute…Jack??!”,Tunji said making it sound like a question “Who are you and how come you know my name”,Jack asked surprised “ this is the fucking company […]

Omo Wobey Episode 2

“What is happening, why am I here?”,Tunji asked “Keep quiet,our informant told us you were seen on Thursday with a wanted robber.”said the officer “What??I didn’t meet with anyone through out last week”,cried Tunji. Officer:By the time we are done with you, you will start confessing. Tunji:Please, I don’t know what you are talking about.. […]

Omo Wobey Episode 1

“Aaaarrrgh,after graduating from school that I spent years in,all the carry overs that I had,the hungers that I had to endure for 7yrs instead of 4yrs,so this is how everything will be.I am growing older for God sake and yet all the companies I have visited, none of them has even called me.. I am […]

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