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Category: Nemesis


Nemesis Episode 22

Drez stood for a while watching Diline before he finally moved stealthily behind her and tickled her. She squealed and turned around. “You scared me. When did you enter?” He smiled and kissed her forehead. “Five minutes ago. I enjoyed watching you. I thought you weren’t coming today, what changed your mind?” She smiled. “I […]

Nemesis Episode 21

Drez sighed and sat down at the foot of his bed he held his head in his hands and tried to calm her fast beating heart. It took him a few minutes before he realized what he had done, he looked at the time and ran out. Gates to the royal estate had been closed […]

Nemesis Episode 20

Drez opened his eyes slowly his vision became blurry and he closed them again. After a minute he opened them again and took in the condition of his room it was really neat like it has always been before everything was in order and there was no sign of bottles that were scattered around the […]

Nemesis Episode 19

For weeks Drez stayed in the hospital without getting conscious. According to the doctor he was improving tremendously. Dave and Diline took turns to take care of him because of the nature of their jobs. After a while he was discharged from the hospital but they continued his treatment from home. A nurse was employed […]

Nemesis Episode 18

On the floor was Drez he looked lifeless she could not believe what she saw. She quickly ran to him and checked his pulse she released the breath she didn’t know she was holding. She raced to the sitting room and called for an ambulance luckily he was given first treatment and taken to the […]

Nemesis Episode 17

Dave hugged Diline as soon as he saw her, he frowned when he saw her tired face. “Have you been overworking? You should rest sometimes too.” Diline sighed. “I know that but I can’t just seem to stop, I love my job.” Dave smiled. “I understand that but just try and take it easy. So, […]

Nemesis Episode 16

Diline waited up for Drez for hours, she kept pacing around the sitting room worriedly, when she couldn’t hold it anymore, she called Dave who informed her that Drez left his place already but also reassured her. After waiting a long time she finally fell asleep. The following morning she woke up and found herself […]

Nemesis Episode 15

He gulped the wine Dave offered him and poured himself another one. Dave watched his friend and frowned. “Are you upset about something? Let me offer you spirit then.” Drez declined. “No, thank you that will be the beginning of my destruction.” “So what’s bothering you? Am I right to guess it’s Diline? She is […]

Nemesis Episode 14

For several months Diline worked effectively, she impressed her boss and other employees. Almost everyone loved her, she was hardworking as she was beautiful. She delighted and tried to please everyone. Her love for Drez was also getting stronger but Drez layer no attention to her and this hurt her very much. He was hardly […]

Nemesis Episode 13

Diline sat on her bed and wiped her tears. She looked at her life for the past four years and it had no meaning to Ber, her only friend and companion also got missing along the way. She wiped the endless flow of tears from her face. It was her mother’s death anniversary and she […]

Nemesis Episode 12

Dave stood up and began to pace the room, he was worried for his friend, he wished he had been there when Drez needed him most. Drez scowled. “I hate that guilty facial expression you have whenever we talk about this. It is not your fault and it can never be that I fell to […]

Nemesis Episode 11

She began to look for jobs with her credentials again, everyday she prayed to get a good job, she attended several interviews to no avail. She almost frustrated before God heard her prayers. “Who is that?” She hurried to open the door and was confronted by an handsome stranger. “Can I help you?” He smiled. […]

Nemesis Episode 10

My mother stayed in his house for a while. He gave her everything she needed and took care of her. She was comfortable to a point. When she felt she couldn’t receive from him anymore she talked to him.” “Sir, can I talk to you for a while?” She spoke up one night after dinner. […]

Nemesis Episode 9

Diline was confused to see their apartment locked, she went to inquire of Eve from one of their neighbours. She was shocked to find out that Eve was sent packing because of rent bills. “Since that night when your landlord came, she searched everywhere for you, but since she couldn’t find you she left a […]

Nemesis Episode 8

On her way back, she heard movements and went to check. She peeped through the door and realized it was a gymnasium. In wonder, she entered and began to check it out. The equipments were all state of the art including other ones she had never seen. And in the centre stood a muscular man […]

Nemesis Episode 7

Drez looked at the damsel sleeping on his bed and sighed. She was a beauty indeed, she was fair to look on. He smiled to himself, it was not easy getting blood out of her hair and body, he touched her swollen face and winced, even with that she was still beautiful. The swelling could […]

Nemesis Episode 6

She clutched her handbag tightly and walked fast. The lower part was more dangerous than she thought, the place was practically a ghetto. Everywhere was filled with trash and litters, stagnant water filled everywhere and the road had potholes. To worsen the situation, they had no light at all, every house was characterized with darkness. […]

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