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Marital Shambles : The Crumbs Of A Happy Home
By Oladokun Abdulhakeem Oluwabukola.

Marital Shambles Episode 3

Ibadan was waking up, its light dimly rising. At this godly hour its demonyms were divided into parts. Some were yawning and shivering in acknowledgment of the gale harmattan wind, offering ablutions and racing to ‘masalasi’ to serve their one true God; some, though few, rang bells and sang on streets – a few brave […]

Marital Shambles Episode 2

Anon, Edwin’s house appeared before her and she swallowed lumps of guilt within. Her vision almost got blurred and she wiped her face quickly, her palms getting wet from the salty tears that conveyed emotions none of the occupants of the vehicle understood. She could have stopped there but she didn’t. All she thought was […]

Marital Shambles

  The sun was smiling smugly and the sky was white as though children of God. It was harmattan and rough breeze blew at every space, whistling in a merry-like manner over roofs like a meal awaited its hustle. Any horizon provided the hot view of antiquated zincs and roofs; hustling bodies and specimens; mortuaries […]

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