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Mad O.T by Ologun Segun Emmanuel

Mad O.T Episode 11

A plethoria of shock swept through my spine, I stood akimbo for a minute to process the image I was seeing thoroughly, I didn’t know what to expect considering that it had been long we communicated She smiled at me then gave me a tight hug,she acted all nice like she was excited seeing me […]

Mad O.T Episode 10

The break eventually came to an end, I had still not heard from Mercy or her people, I was only able to save a meagre sum of 38,000, I would have saved more if I was able to curb my thirst for sexx Students were resuming in bits, Chidinma promised to resume the following week, […]

Mad O.T Episode 9

Immediately we got in she just pulled up the gown she was wearing, she had no panties on as her kpekus was staring at me,she was light skin but her kpekus looked a little reddish like it was pounded earlier, she laid on the foam spreading her legs “Do quick customers dey wait for me” […]

Mad O.T Episode 8

Work was quite cool, I had six colleagues which we switched roles, the duties we performed included moulding of blocks, plastering of walls,bricklaying, we had subordinates who were in charge of supplying us water, mixing cement etc My boss, Chief Owolabi was a very cool headed person and funny as well,he owned many cement stores […]

Mad O.T Episode 7

Nobody said a wod throughout the ride, we finally got to a mansion which I assumed must be owned by one of the la creme of the society. It was nicely built and decorated. I was led into the building by the policemen while the driver remained outside The interior of the building was extremely […]

Mad O.T Episode 6

The police cell lacked space, even a one room apartment in a face me I slap you apartment in Egbeda would still outdo the cell and to think more than three person were jampacked inside some cell, mine had four occupants and I was the fourth person, sleeping at night was terrible and filled with […]

Mad O.T Episode 5

I drifted into dreamland swiftlty. I slept for a long time as Chidinma knocked me out, I woke up around midnight extremely hungry, Chidinma was out of sight, she probably left while I was sleeping, saw a take away and a note on the table, inside the take away contained chiken while she inscribed “Lazy […]

Mad O.T Episode 4

I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed, only to find 12 missed calls on my cell phone, 11 from Mercy and the remainder from Chidinma, I tried to imagine how pissed Mercy would be but it was inconceiveable My life had now taken a drastic turn, I used to be all about academics and […]

Mad O.T Episode 3

I was later able to invite chidinma to my crib after informing mercy I was travelling to a nearby village for a research on an assignment. She came on a Saturday casually dressed in a dark jean and polo shirt, We spoke for a very long time, I didn’t really make any sexual advances cos […]

Mad O.T Episode 2

There was an awkward silence in the room for minutes, she broke the silence by apologizing, she neared me and said to me “don’t break my heart”, heart ke who get time just do open legs I thought “don’t break mine too” I replied, I leaned for a kiss and this time we shared a […]

Mad O.T Episode 1

Mercy drifted away from me each time I shifted closer to her, she had her gaze fixed on the laptop, she acted totally engrossed in the movie she was watching. It took me about two months to convince her to visit my crib, I was determined not to let this oppurtunity slide considering the time […]

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