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Lost Of Virginity, An Early Mistake By Adewale Kelvin Email: Phone: 09033012548

Lost Of Virginity An Early Mistake Episode 22

Derrek pulled up in his silver 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo; usually when people would see that car they would stare with envy but I merely rolled my eyes with disgust. He looked over at me and smirked before hooking the horn even though I was already at the car. I opened up the passenger side door, gave him an evil glare before getting inside. “Nice bag.” […]

Lost Of Virginity An Early Mistake Episode 21

“I don’t care whether you guys kicked his ass or not, she’s my little sister so this problem is mine to deal with!” I woke up to the sound of my brother yelling from his bedroom into what I’m guessing was a phone seeing as I couldn’t hear anyone reply. I squinted my eyes against the bright morning light shining through my bedroom window. My head instantly began to […]

Lost Of Virginity An Early Mistake Episode 17

“What!? Oh my god, seriously? Derrek Harley invited you to his party…You know it’s like a seniors only party and sometimes maybe one or two junior cheerleaders are allowed in but I’ve never, ever heard of any sophomores being invited!” Dorcas rambled on. Once the lunch bell rang I met Dorcas and Brandon in the cafeteria, we found an empty table to sit at after getting […]

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