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Life Drama By Eze Israel

Life Drama Episode 7

Daniel was taken to the police headquarters at Abuja because Madam Sarah ain’t a nobody in the country so her death will be investigated very well. Inspector:So what were you doing there as at that time Daniel: I have a problem Inspector: And what is that problem? Daniel: I do sleep walk Inspector:So you sleep […]

Life Drama Episode 6

Amanda: (she got to the bag,zipped it open and found human body,she freezed immediately on that spot) Titus:Baby,baby, baby.Baby answer me na (he stood up from the chair he sat and went close to her but she just stood like someone that has seen a ghost)Okay,now I understand.The money is too much that’s why you […]

Life Drama Episode 5

Richard: Oh Jesus wept!!What is this? Richards wife:Baby,what’s happening Richard: Darling, don’t baby me.Where is the god of dice,God punish god of dice.Where is that idiot called Titus (Meanwhile Titus had picked race immediately he saw what happened) Richard: If I get my hands on that Titus ehn I will make sure he turns to […]

Life Drama Episode 4

Daniel: Ehn,you are fainting??You better stand up from there coz as for me,I am running away now! (with that he raced down the stairs leaving the child and Sonia in the mysterious castle. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him until he got outside the castle’s compound to the gate outside and […]

Life Drama Episode 3

Sonia: Jesus, you again? Unknown: Yes,me (with a triumphant smile) Sonia: Hope its not what m thinking? Unknown: What are you thinking? Sonia:That you are stalking me Unknown: (hisses)Anyways, am Daniel Sonia:Who cares? Daniel:(Why is she like this) Uumh,sorry o.Actually, I need that paper Sonia:(with disgust on her face) which paper Daniel: Don’t gimme that […]

Life Drama Episode 2

*in Daniel’s room thinking* What kind of devil handwork is all this one today. First it waz my dad that is against my career now when I could have gotten the paper and if not for anything else at least I should have seen the child’s face and also the address. This is f–k up,d–n! […]

Life Drama Episode 1

Daniel:No Dad,you can’t force me to become a medical doctor. Dad:Really? Daniel:Yes. Dad:Okay, we would know if you are the one that gave birth to me or I gave birth to you..Useless son Daniel: Daddy you call me useless, no problem when I become a famous star, making cool cash you will know that I […]

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