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Category: Izi Jae

Izi Jae By Eze Israel

IZI JAE Episode 24

*********Ministers Resident********* Dave:(pondering on his thought)But why is all this happening?My dad must have done something wrong in the past but as the minister of justice he can erase anything na.Tinz are getting out of hands o,that so called CIA should better do something. **********General’s Resident******** General: So Sam, what are your plans on getting […]

IZI JAE Episode 23

(In Israel’s house) Me:I thought we agreed on staying low at the moment. Bob:Yea,but that will waste our time. I wanna return to Georgia like m tayad of this country Me:M sorry Bob Bob:No problem Me:So where is he now? Bob:HIs in the basement where we keep criminals. Me:Ok,lemme go there and see if I […]

IZI JAE Episode 22

**********The next day********* Ken:Boss, the minister has tightened security in his home..Even his son is always seen with securities this days Me:Are you scared? Ken:No Bob:Caro,with what you said when you came back yesterday. You said Dave asked you out? Caro: Yea Bob:And you said you will get back to him right? Caro: Yea. Bob:Very […]

IZI JAE Episode 21

**********In Israel’s house*********** Bob:See this goddamn man o,he’s calling me a fool.I will call him again and give him the threat of life. (calls again).. Hey man you going down soon and if you don’t pay in 48hrs,your son is gonna be abducted. Take me for real,f–k out of my line. Me:Nice one there.You getting […]

IZI JAE Episode 20

It was all over the news,radio and various blogs that the General escaped a serious bomb blast that burnt his driver and car to death. ***********IN ISRAEL HOUSE********** Ken:D–n it,I wish he was burnt too Ben:But how did he manage to pull through Caro:That’s one big question o Bob:Am very angry here,it means we are […]

IZI JAE Episode 19

*******Ministers house******* Minister:(on phone) I seem not to understand this whole thing, you mean he wore a mask and told you that? General: Yea,he even gave me a letter..I will bring the letter over to your house later in the day. Minister:Aiit then. .********Israel’s house********* Me:You just heard the phone conversation between them right? Ken […]

IZI JAE Episode 18

*******At the club******* Shu shuperu Warri Warri do Someone cannot play with you Is dat how you used to do Do the do Awon eyan scooby doo You dey here oya work, ah oma work…That was the song banging out from the DJ’s speakers,we located an empty table and went over to sit on it […]

IZI JAE Episode 17

********in the minister’s house******** Dave:But dad why the question now Minis:Just answer me Dave:okay m 24 Minis:Good.. You ve not brought any girl to this house why? Dave:M still working on that dad Minis:You better do and be fast (phone rings)   ********At Israel’s house******** Ken:Boss,u just… Me:I just scared you guys right? Bob:Not only […]

IZI JAE Episode 16

They arrived home on time due to the less traffic on the road. Bob:What’s up,how did it go? Ken:It went well o isn’t it Babe Caro:Yea Yea..It went well Bob:In that case we should be making progress now. Ken:Yea. Caro:I need to rest,m d–n tired. Ken:Even me..Where’s Ben? Bob:Not around Ken:Okay. Bob:We should be waiting […]

IZI JAE Episode 15

Immediately i dropt the phone, the minister entered my office… Me:Welcome sir, Minister:(in a shaky tone)Thank you.. Were you informed about what just happened? Me:Nah,I heard a gun sound so I decided to seek refuge here Minister: If not for God I would have been a dead man. Me:Really???(like I don’t know what he’s saying) […]

IZI JAE Episode 14

Episode 14… Immediately the shooting was traced to me, I took the back of the building and maneuvered my way into the crowd then I got close to the minister of justice car and asked one of his escorts.. Me:Hey man,whats happening here??? Escort:We were coming down here when a snipers bullet was targeted at […]

IZI JAE Episode 13

We got to our hotel rooms around 8pm and Caro came to me looking sad. Caro:Baby,you ve been away without any calls. Me:Call everyone to assemble here by 9pm,lemmeshower and eat. Caro:You are offending me o Me:(already angry due to hunger and tiredness) Are you crazy??Are you mad??Common will you do as I have said. […]

IZI JAE Episode 12

Me:Ken has suggested that I go and purchase the shares a company is offering for sale..Does anyone think otherwise? Bob:Yes,instead of purchasing the shares why not erect your own club since its all in the name of investment. At least you can profit from that. Ken:That won’t be too good coz this mission requires us […]

IZI JAE Episode 11

We got into the bar and starting dancing to the tune of baba for the girls, I so much love that song then the DJ mixed again and the tune of bend down select by Lil kesh started playing (mtcheeee,aw person wan take dance that one).We chose a spot and sat down, ordered for drinks […]

IZI JAE Episode 10

*************IN NIGERIA************** I checked my Rolex wristwatch, the time was quarter past 3. We boarded a taxi from the airport and I directed the driver to an hotel..Caro paid him coz she had some naira on her,I checked in and booked 3 rooms.A room for me and Caro,a room for Bob,a room for Ben and […]

IZI JAE Episode 9

He promised to inform the guys and I was like which guys, he said the guys we rescued Caro from. Do you have their contact? I asked and he said Yes so I told him to tel them that everyone is sleeping in my house tomorrow and he said okay and hanged the call.Immediately I […]

IZI JAE Episode 8

Me:Jeeez,who am I seeing??Or is my eyes playing me? Girl:Sorry,you look like my love. Hope am not in a trance? Me:Wait a second, R u Caro? Girl:Yes baby,its me (coming closer to me). Me:Can’t believe this… Uuuhm guys this is my heart standing right before you, she is Carolina..Caro meet my friend Bob (they both […]

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