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Category: In Love Again

In Love Again

In Love Again Episode 16

Anita: Jake asked of you. Sonia: for what? Anita: i don’t know but i told him that you’re getting married. Sonia: better that you told him. Anita: what is he even thinking? Sonia: that’s his business. Anita: and be careful please. Sonia: why? Anita: cause of Jake. Sonia: okay….. . . . . The day […]

In Love Again Episode 15

Daniel walked out of the hotel,his car had a fault so he decided to take the taxi to work,he was about to cross over to the other side of the road when someone dragged him back,and turning around, it turned out to be Jake. Jake: off to work? Daniel: yes. Jake: i have something to […]

In Love Again Episode 14

Sonia was coming out of Daniel’s room the next morning, and somehow Jake was also coming out from his own room and saw her and asked. Jake : why are you coming out from that guy’s room so early in the morning? Sonia : and how is that supposed to be your business? Jake : […]

In Love Again Episode 13

she came to serve him that day, she wanted to knock but found out that the door was open, she wondered why he must have left it open like that, she walked in, dropped the food on his table, and looked around but didn’t see him, and she turned to live and immediately……….. * * […]

In Love Again Episode 12

Daniel met Jake while going to work, he came out from the hotel, still moving to his car when he heard a voice behind him. Jake : excuse me! Daniel : *turned around* Me? Jake : yeah you. Daniel : any problem? Jake :uhm i don’t think so, i just have a few questions for […]

In Love Again Episode 11

two weeks later, Jake walked out of his room to go and disturb Sonia as usual but he only met Anita, and she asked him. Anita : why are you looking for Sonia? do you have any business with her? Jake : you’ve always been a pain in the a-s. Anita : and I’ll continue […]

In Love Again Episode 10

the next day at work, Sonia was on the counter writing down something on a book,when someone tapped his hand on the counter and she looked up,they stared at each other for some seconds before he broke the silence. Jake : so you work here? Sonia : how may i help you? Jake : can’t […]

In Love Again Episode 9

she kept on looking at him, wondering what to say, even if it was painful, she still wanted it, at last she let out a yes, he again inserted his d–k into her v—-a, causing her more pains, he moved in again, almost getting the whole inside of her, she placed her hands on his […]

In Love Again Episode 8

it was up to three weeks, Sonia refused to talk to Daniel, she would always pretend like she didn’t know him, and whenever Anita asked her, she would change the topic, this continued, until one day he decided to ask her what her problem was whether she liked it or not, that very day he […]

In Love Again Episode 7

Anita went to serve Daniel, she pressed the bell and he opened the door, thinking that it was Sonia, and on seeing Anita, he changed his face and she asked him. Anita : were you expecting someone? Daniel : actually i thought it was someone else. Anita : *walked in and dropped his food and […]

In Love Again Episode 6

becoming his friend wasn’t an easy thing for her but all the same he is one of the best friends she ever had, she would share anything that bothers her with him, spending a lot of time together like couples. they were together in his room, Daniel was working with his laptop, while she sat […]

In Love Again Episode 5

two days later, Sonia was called by the manager and was told that she will be the only one serving Daniel till the day he would live, after meeting with the manager, she angrily walked to Daniel’s door and pressed the bell and he opened the door and asked her. Daniel : what do you […]

In Love Again Episode 4

Daniel walked out of his room and went straight to the counter and asked Sonia. Daniel : excuse me miss. Sonia : good day sir, how may i help you? Daniel : actually its kind of boring around here and I was thinking if you can help out. Sonia : and how do you expect […]

In Love Again Episode 3

a well furnished home was shown, a young and handsome guy in his late twenties was seen sitting down on the sofa with a cup of coffee beside him, a woman who is about 50 years of age walked in and said to him. Medea: here you are. Daniel: what did I do again? Medea […]

In Love Again Episode 2

the next day Sonia can be seen with Jake, they were both sitting on the sofa, everywhere was silent when Sonia broke the silence. Sonia : i have something to tell you too but that would be after i hear yours. Jake : okay Sonia : so what is it? Jake : uhm Sonia…… how […]

In Love Again Episode 1

she sat down on one of the sofa in his sitting room still thinking of what she saw, her friend Anita has been warning her lately about her fiance Jake, telling her how she has been seeing him with a girl, Anita worked in a hotel and she has seen Jake lodging in the hotel […]

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