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i am in love

I’m in Love Episode 22

And that was how I fell in true love with Sania…. “wait,what is the meaning of that?”i said softly after withdrawing my lips from hers “it means a capital yes”she said holding up my head “Are you sure?”I asked her “I mean it “She said kissing me again “oh thank you dear,you made me happy”i […]

I’m in Love Episode 21

I thought as I was studying in my room one blessed day….after the day lecture Our days in school are now numbered because as a final year student,our convocation ceremony is to commence where everyone is to collect his/her certificate and coupled with my friends we were also happy ***We all busted into laughter****”Guys I’m […]

I’m in Love Episode 20

“waaoo,that’s so amazing”I said pretending to be surprised “yeah,i came to help my friend check her GP here”She said humbly “first and foremost, I’m Penorat and you?” I said with my eyes fixed on hers “and I’m Sania “she said introducing herself “okay, well that’s good,so where are you going now? “I asked her with […]

I’m in Love Episode 19

And immediately I said this, I stormed out of the eatery with my friends.. On getting back to the hostel,Ekony and Wilson were just fuming up and down the room saying nothing until Ekony bursted out “ooooo,pen what is wrong with you, Ehn answer me,a stupid guy slapped you in the public because of your […]

I’m in Love Episode 18

Because what she said was like a love that is in the Dungeon of Dejection……… From that day Lina told me that sad news my thinking and my morale has changed immediately,i could not think straight again at all,but with the encouraging words I heard from my friends,i felt consoled “Hello guy, shey na book […]

I’m in Love Episode 17

…..”Anybody at home? “the voice said from outside “wait.. is that not her? “Ekony whispered to me from behind “how am I supposed to know? “I said loudly with my hands raising up in the hair “your voice is too loud man”Wilson whispered to correct me “Guys this girl is a mami water ooo,like say […]

I’m in Love Episode 16

“Lina,please don’t joke with my feelings,i mean it, I’m serious”i said with my Eyes fixed on hers “whhh…oh my *GOD* ,Pen……”She opened her mouth like as if she wants to say something but she closed her mouth again “I know you will be surprised on hearing me like this thinking that I’m not well but […]

I’m in Love Episode 15

**Leave ke? Nibo?? I thought as I hurriedly got up from the bed running towards the dining room….. Rushing downstairs,i saw that she’s truly about to leave “So if I don’t come down now,you will not tell me that she’s about to go abi? “I said raising eyebrow at Nilly “Ehn but you have known […]

I’m in Love Episode 14

Lina:- Great,so come and open the gate, I’m waiting for you outside Myself:- what!!!!!….**i shouted in surprise Lina:- you’re surprised right? ***She said jokingly*** Myself:-I’m coming,don’t move an inch,i mean don’t come in ooo ***i said with phobia*** Within a flash,i ran out of the room like a horse heading to the gate with only […]

I’m in Love Episode 13

“But Lina is not just any lady” I snapped back at him…… “whether she is or not,all I want you to do is to forgive him(pointing to Daniel where he stood at) for the sake of friendship”Ekony pleaded “Ekun, I heard you right, but I want you to help me ask this traitor…… “No no, […]

I’m in Love Episode 12

But now,Should I say that it was my fault for not telling her my mind on time or the fault of my friends for betraying me… Seeing what was happening,it was like my heart is being pierced by a very sharp object,i feel the pains “Da..an..n..iel,”i said softly with pain showing up in my voice […]

I’m in Love Episode 11

“Then the time is now to *let the cat out of the bag*” I said with a defiant look evenly spread on my face “That will be better guy,because I think you should tell her your mind before it is too late”Ekony said as he began to wander around the room in search of food […]

I’m in Love Episode 10

****Sighed**** I guess I’m in Love…… When I felt that I can’t grab anything into my head again,i had no choice than to jump on the bed waiting for *nature* to take place **************************************** After two weeks,our exams are almost over with the general paper as the last one,in the scorching hot sun, I can […]

I’m in Love Episode 9

But as I was about to go,she dragged me back and said ” *You Melted my heart*” “Ehn what did you say? “I said as I pretended not to hear her although I don’t understand what she said “oh!!! nothing I mean you made my day”she said as she gave out a *crocodile laughter* “**i […]

I’m in Love Episode 8

Myself:- what did you just say now?? **i said it with a great fear running through my veins*** Lina:-Yes now,so that we can read together maybe at least I can grab one or two things into my brain Myself:- ookk..aay I wiilll… Come **i said stammering** Lina:-okay I will be expecting you oo Myself:-No problem […]

I’m in Love Episode 7

“ahah why do you ask?” she asked me with a baffled look “hmm, you know Magarina is a man whom everybody has got a great flare for in politics and he was known to have a good reputation in the eyes of the poor,a stinky rich man,he had many things,and I know you knew him […]

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