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Home Advantage

Home Advantage

In the year 2006……………………… We were at work arranging scrap metals, when we noticed a car drove in. Chidi: twelve years work for here no fit buy that ride Me: Trust me bro, I ain’t spending twelve months here. I hope you do the same Chidi: Abegi! no be everybody dem do school for. Na […]

Home Advantage (Episode 7)

I didn’t notice the expression on my face was glaring till my supervisor came to me and said, ‘’Galacious, you have been smiling all day, even when offloading the 50kg sodium. You win lottery?’’ Chidi cut in like the question was directed at him. ‘’Lottery gini? Oga this kind smile and the type person dey […]

Home Advantage (Episode 4)

I knocked Mrs Williams’ gate and a man, which obviously was the security man, opened. ‘’Good evening Sir’’ I greeted with a little bow. ‘’Evening my son’’ He responded. ‘’Madam asked me to come’’, I quickly explained myself. ‘’Ok, wait here. I’ll be right back’’ He said and shut the gate. Few minutes later he […]

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