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Guest Post

beyond my power

Beyond my power Episode 1 ‘its over!!!! ‘ I shouted at her again ‘But u didn’t even tell me what I have done, am sorry I have done anything please Na, I love you’. ‘u don’t love me, if u love me you won’t be following other boys around’ ‘who told yo that? Its only […]


*MEMORIES OF DYING AND LIVING* SEASON 01 episodes 01 There were running steps all over the place. The night was pitch black too dark for any sane living being to even venture out that cold evening. They had been running for hours since their captors released them. They were just told be vamoos or else, […]

TOKE(the girl child)

Episode 1 I woke up to someone shaking me roughly, grumbling with one eye open. It was early March,my second term in Ss3 and practically about to be a finalist. It was still winter and my winter body laid on my bed sleeping and trying not to jeopardize my sweet sleep,it was a Saturday morning […]

Masterbating turns to sexx

  I was home alone and was doing some stuff I had started vacuuming.The vacuum had rubbed up against my pussy. So then I went to my room and laid on my bed. I removed my pants and underwear. I slowly started rubing my clit,I was so distracted rubbing my clit and sliding the fake […]

Abuja Trip Episode 4

“You fucker!!!” “Yes I am Aren’t I.” I reply. I quickly pull out and lie on my back under her crotch, pull her dripping cunt onto my mouth and set about drinking her delicious cum. licking it all up biting her clit and thumbing her arse. I eventually uncuff her letting her rub her wrists […]

Abuja Trip Episode 3

Putting 2 fingers in her dripping pussy I get them wet enough to slip into her arse, as I do I nibble on her clit, insert them all the way then finger fuck it while paying maximum attention to her clit. The moans and head squeezing tells me I’m winning. Her pussy, arse and inner […]

Abuja Trip Episode 2

“Femi?” she called out. “Yes, Auntie?” I responded to her. “Can you come help me with something?” she asked sounding pretty desperate and out of breath. “Sure here I come!” I damn near fell trying to get up them damn steps that fast. “Baby I’m sorry for calling you the way that I did. I […]

Abuja Trip Episode 1

This story begins when I flew down to Abuja, to visit a friend and some family. My plane touched down around 4:30 in the afternoon, and I was greeted by my Aunt and my Cousin. There I was, as I walked through my terminal and into the baggage claim area to get my things I […]


(CURTAIN FALLS)   SCENE TWO (2) {At the drama rehearsals. Jethro, Nanchin, Patient and Bamshak decided to minister a poem about the situation. Title the illegality}   VERSE ONE BY BAMSHAK: We always develop passion in making mockery of others situations While we allow ourselves to be drain down by our illusions. Our life is […]


SCENE ONE {Nanchin and Patient are captured on stage with their faces having the look of gossip. They walked to the centre of stage talking} (Their conversation) Nanchin;       (tapping patient with her right palm) have you heard Patient;         heard what Nanchin;       (surprisingly) eh! So you haven’t heard. Well that even makes it to be more […]


ILLEGALITY   Scripted by:  Jethro Mark Da’ar Directed by:  Jethro Mark Da’ar    PROLOGUE:   This is a play that contents the articles and the spectacles of new age movement mostly found among youths nowadays. The life of Joseph and Moses, vividly express by Nanchin and Patient is a total mess and a tragedy to […]

Peerfunding Pays

Due to the unreliability of these our 100% and 200% schemes…where we end up getting -100% and -200% losing both our capital and profit…..I have move to shop to something I hear is more reliable Gives 30% returns btw 2-10days so far no one has lost any cash there…nor be as he dey hot…   […]

Entry-Level Teller At Integrated Corporate Services Limited

Integrated Corporate Services Limited is a leading Outsourcing Services provider incorporated in August,1994. We offer a comprehensive range of outsourcing services ranging from Human Resource solutions to fleet management. We serve both small and medium sized enterprises as well as large corporate companies. Our desire to consistently deliver value-added services to our clients has helped us […]


STory On REview: THE FACE OF DECEIT. Itohan grows with a belief that hardwork pays. Good relationship is based on true love and honesty. So, she vows to remain faithful to edosa in courtship, hoping that someday, both of them would become a happy couple, ediku wouldnt see her daughter married to a poor primary […]

the day i will never forget

this world is full of memories, both good      and bad memories, but we are always forced to forget the bad ones, but the fact still remains that no mater how hard we try, it will still keep showing its ugly face to us, but it is very essential and also indispensable to always be a […]

MMM Nigeria: Online Consultants Wanted!

We are looking for PROFESSIONAL consultants and oerators of Call Center department to fill our online consultancy staffing. We are doing online advertising attracting possible participants and once after their consultations with you they have decided to register, you will register them under you.   Consultants will receive 450 dollars fixed salary rate per month […]

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