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Category: Forever Young

Forever Young

Forever Young Episode 20

I exhaled my anger out and hung my head back down. “You’re right.” Caiden reached out and patted me on the shoulder. How brotherly. To make myself feel better, I told myself he could have patted me on the head. “Hey. Don’t worry about it too much. By this time tomorrow, you and the other […]

Forever Young Episode 19

I didn’t have to see where Justas was looking to know he was talking about Caiden. “That’s Caiden Gallagher. One of the instructors. And don’t get your hopes up…he doesn’t play on your team.” “Ouch.” Sarah walked up to the podium and I watched as Caiden leaned up casually against the wall behind her. He […]

Forever Young Episode 18

“There’s no use hiding it, Charlie,” he teased. “Everyone can see it. And you are rocking that bikini, girl.” His eyes roamed my body appreciatively and I was suddenly self-conscious. I felt my face start to flame. I had never before dressed in a manner that showed much skin, so the bikini was a huge […]

Forever Young Episode 17

Ben held up his hands to me. “Stop, Charlie. I’m not offended. It just caught me off guard. I mean, no one has ever asked me that before so I wasn’t quite sure how to answer.” I persisted. “No, really. It was rude.” “Shut up, Charlie. It wasn’t rude. I’m just thinking…” I watched as […]

Forever Young Episode 16

I’m normally not a jealous person. I never begrudged my classmates for having friends, and parties, and fashionable clothing. But I did envy sometimes their ownership of a Smartphone. Almost every classmate I knew had one and I longed to have one to take pictures and text my non-existent friends. It was the choice way […]

Forever Young Episode 15

I was now a permanent resident of Semper Terra. The last few days had flown by as I got settled into my new life. I didn’t have to return to the First Dimension as Sebastian had arranged for my meager belongings to be brought to me. When I asked what people would think about my […]

Forever Young Episode 14

Continued … “What’s that on your lower back?” “That’s my infinity brand. You’ll get one too before you go into battle. It’s infused with the magic of Semper Terra so you can access it in the First Dimension. Now, get in bed and get to sleep.” He gave a huge yawn as if to emphasize his […]

Forever Young Episode 13

“Nope. How about a high five instead?” Caiden laughed and raised his hand to me. “I can do that.” I slapped his hand with mine and grinned. Then something caught Caiden’s attention just over my right shoulder and his laugh instantly died. I saw his muscles tense and his lips settled into a grim line. […]

Forever Young Episode 12

The girls were dressed to kill in short skirts and halter tops. The guys kept with the casual beach mode wearing shorts and flip flops, but some decided to “dress up” their look by wearing Polo shirts. I was disgustingly self-conscious in my jeans, t-shirt and Converse sneakers. I had never been the type to […]

Forever Young Episode 11

Looking around, I didn’t see a daimon and I started to worry that the woman might get caught in the crossfire. But then just as that thought crossed my mind, I watched in fascination as the prostitute’s face started to change. Within seconds, I was staring at the daimon beneath and it was an ugly […]

Forever Young Episode 10

Caiden took me back to Café Syreni as I was now completely starving. We left the Academy’s campus for an all too short flight back over the mountain top, coming to a soft landing on the beach. The flight back was not long enough, in my opinion, but just as exhilarating. I’m not sure how […]

Forever Young Episode 9

And that’s when I realized. I no longer doubted the reality of my situation. I really was in an alternate universe, where time stood still and youth would be mine to hold forever if I wanted. I could fight against evil. I could make a difference in the world. I could make up for my […]

Forever Young Episode 8

“Second Life?” “I forget how much you don’t know.” Caiden stopped walking and looked at me. “Because you stop aging here in Semper Terra, you can live here and be a member of the Alliance for as long as you want. But if you are ever ready to join the real world again, back in […]

Forever Young Episode 7

So this was flying? Let me just say again…in-freakin-credible! My mind was trying to grasp the mechanics of it. Obviously, magic played a part. But I saw Caiden was stretched out as if he was lying belly down on a mattress made of air. While his right arm held me securely, his left arm was […]

Forever Young Episode 6

“Is this your house?” “Yup.” I looked around. It was small but lovely. The floors were the same, dark mahogany wood I saw in Café Syreni. Ceiling fans above made their lazy twirls. I then noticed that the cottage was nothing more than one large room. In the middle at the far wall was a […]

Forever Young Episode 5

Those last words seemed to bring me out of my Caiden-induced-coma and I knocked his hand away from my hair. “Don’t talk as if I’m not sitting here right in front of you. And keep your hands to yourself,” I gritted out. Caiden sat back in his chair and actually burst into laughter. “Maybe she’s […]

Forever Young Episode 4

My mind was buzzing. How could this be real? But with the sounds, and smells, and tropical temperature, how could it not be real? I didn’t know what to believe. Mr. Jennings took my elbow and led me over to the side of the marble terrace we were on. I saw a staircase descending down […]

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