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Category: Endless Tears

Endless Tears

Endless Tears Episode 48

Despite all the protest, I turned to Tina and tola and said to them I want to leave now. who said that blood is thicker than water?. I stood with my bags waiting for kelvin to enter, immediately he entered he saw my bags and said Ara where are u going to as his face […]

Endless Tears Episode 46

Mr Habeeb felt like his brain has contacted deadly virus, he could not think well his daughter was behind that door in between life and death. that sounded wired to his ears, his life had been a sorrowful for as long as he can remember, when Kate has pushed him out of her life and […]

Endless Tears Episode 45

The waiting room was filled with people obviously waiting for one person and thinking of another person, Mr and Mrs peter where there, and Mrs peter was just worried. she had been walking about until stars stared coming to her eyes, she felt pain in her heart that she had hurt her daughter so much […]

Endless Tears Episode 44

I blinked, my ears became to heavy, this is a big joke I thought looking at them like they are speaking Latin, I grappled Kelvin hands tightly. d–n it Amara am getting out of here he said forcefully. u don’t mean it right I asked looking at like they have grown horn. Mr sinja stood […]

Endless Tears Episode 43

Kelvin and I both agreed to meet the police man at the eatery when don’t want a situation where people like Alex show up at my door. and that would happen if they know where I stay.I walked into the restaurant and soon sighted detective sinja sitting at a conal of the eatery and Kelvin […]

Endless Tears Episode 42

I walked on the street of my new environment, Kelvin brought me here over a month ago just as he promised I have been here ever since, the house is moderate in size and there was a woman who was in charge of the house, Kelvin inherited the house from his grandfather but he hadn’t […]

Endless Tears Episode 41

I walked on the street of my new environment, Kelvin brought me here over a month ago just as he promised I have been here ever since, the house is moderate in size and there was a woman who was in charge of the house, Kelvin inherited the house from his grandfather but he hadn’t […]

Endless Tears Episode 39

Do you fight with ur brother often he asked me, I was shocked instantly,and my gaze turned instantly and his smile faded . no I couldn’t tell him . I can’t tell him. y did u attempt to kill ur self even in ur condition he asked me again,y is the mention of ur husband […]

Endless Tears Episode 36

Alex entered his fathers house,and hit the door very hard as anger filled his hrt, his mother who was pacing about stopped and he walked to her. Alex ” she said, no don’t call my name Alex barked at her. you have destroyed my life what sort of mother are u. am sorry Mrs bello […]

Endless Tears Episode 35

Mr Bello marched inside the house with burning anger. Katherine he shouted, the maids in the house ran for their dear life making way for him wondering what is wrong with their calm boss. Katherine he shouted again feeling like he was about to fly into many pieces. Mrs bello ran down the stairs , […]

Endless Tears Episode 34

Alex drove home with anger burning thru his heart, toba was right he had changed. even the blind would see it vividly, he could not tell what caused it and he his regretting how he treated her. why he could not tell , maybe because she had picked up her self and has put the […]

Endless Tears Episode 33

present now Now Mrs bello can finally agree that nothing is hidden under the sun, you might hide it for a while but the secret will come back bouncing back at u. she thought that the secret with sahid was gone and gone for ever and that her secret was completely covered. but now she […]

Endless Tears Episode 32

I walked down the stair rubbing my eyes, I had slept late yesterday talking with Tina and tola hearing about their dream, I was happy that some people dreams can come thru.even if mine seems to have destroyed by a mistake I can be fine knowing that tola and Tina dreams of becoming something in […]

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