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Deji the pool boy

16 Madam Lily

  Talking about caught in the act this is it, Shalom push Deji to the wall and start crying as if Deji force her to do it. Shalom: he forced me (she shouted shading crocodile tears). Police: i know dear he forced you thats why i will arrest only him. Deji: bros abeg no vex […]

15: At last

  Deji: so we just waste our transport like that so? Junior: na god go punish Gnld. Deji: my mind was telling me that it was them but i ignored it because i needed a Job badly. Junior: wetin man go do since no job every opportuniy should be taken with seriousness. Deji: na so […]

14: Job Interview

He took them to a hidden building, the house is upstair and the number of people there can even scare someone, so many people like 50 and they are even dress in coperate wear as if they are bankers, the person took them to the top and they register their name on the register list […]

13: Job Hunting

  Early in the morning Deji and Junior was seen getting ready to go for interview and they started conversing. Deji: oh boy how this interview go be like na? Junior: i nor know they just said we should come like that with our pen. Deji: hmmmm you sure we nor go write application letter? […]

12: Confirmation

  Deji quickly took his phone and tiptoed out of the room again without any slight notice from his friend Junior who is already in dreamworld soaking garri, he went straight to Shaloms’s room and knock on the door. “who is there?” Shalom asked with low tones. “is me dear”. He replied with low tone […]

12: Almost there

Deji: whats that? Shalom: you mean only you get this thing. Deji: hehehehe. Shalom: how your girlfriend they manage? Deji: lol who told you i have a girl? Shalom: i dont need to be told but of course i know you will pretend single as usual because thats what you guys always say. Deji: hmmmm […]

11: Temptation

  Junior: you nor go pick you call? Deji: oh boy forget that one joor. Junior:  i guess na one of your babe? Deji: na one hit and run asss licker like that the babe no wan free me. Junior: blacklist her number na if you nor wan her again. Deji: na so i go […]

10: Police Babe

  As Deji and Junior consume the local made indomie they chat along. Deji: oh boy how your babe na? Junior: guy abeg forget that stuff joor. Deji: wetin you mean abi una no they together again? Junior: not really, i just say make i bone her since she wan run me dry. Deji: oh […]

9. Shalom

    Deji was alone in the room starring at the wallpapers, he stand up from the bed to get some fresh air, he was really happy that they will be going for  interview tomorrow though he dont know the details about the Job but he believe since its Airport the pay will oustanding or […]

8: New Home

  When Deji get to Iyana-opaja he took another bus going to Sangoota in Ogun State, when getting to Agbado he called his friend Junior to get ready that hes getting to Agbado. The bus was moving fast unlike the other one that was moving like snail, within ten minutes they land in Agbado Junction, […]

7. Junior my friend

——————————————————————————– complete story is available for purchase for just N200 ONLY. You can purchase online, bank transfer or with MTN Airtime. to buy, contact Uanda via: WHATSAPP: +2348062300431 EMAIL: ————————————————————————————– Deji continue looking at his shoulder as he ran out of sight, assuming he spend one more minute at home thats how he could […]

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