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Cynthia By Onihaxy

Cynthia Episode 14

Cynthia was the one waiting for me, with a furious look, I opened the door, kola change his cloth and left, she followed me and she sat on the bed looking at me Me: what happen now Cynthia: bring your phone (she stretched her hand to collect it) I know you didn’t travel to anywhere, […]

Cynthia Episode 13

The call was from Benita, the girl’s num I just deleted, Benita: evening sir Me: evening dear Benita: how is work sir Me: fine o sister Benita: just want to say hi sir, Me:(I want to stop talking, but I can’t help myself) where do you stay sef Benita: Around general gas, you want to […]

Cynthia Episode 12

She message me, when she got home, kola came back home, we went to work together the next day, we were told that we will be having meeting, all what was told in the meeting was just that we will employ new staff some vacant post in the office, and I will be in charge […]

Cynthia Episode 11

I was stammering, he showed me the video and left angrily, since that day kola left home, I didn’t know were he sleeps any longer, we only met at work, I tried greeting him, but he would avoid me, I didn’t know that Cynthia noticed us, I was at work that day, during break time, […]

Cynthia Episode 10

Ronke: sis, don’t forget to see me before you go o, Cynthia: sure I will, She left, I was moody, Cynthia noticed me, she moved closer to me Cynthia: Dan, whats going on between you and Ronke, I can see the way she look at you, don’t tell me you they enter the girl too, cus I know you to be […]

Cynthia Episode 9

After some months, everything is going on fine, until one morning when I was in my shop and a Toyota camry parked directly in front of my shop, to my surprise it was Cynthia, but what baffles me is the way Ronke rushed to embraced her shouting ‘’sister mope’’ I was watching the drama until they both got to me. Ronke: […]

Cynthia Episode 8

It was Omolara. Me: hello dear Lara: what’s wrong with your voice, Me: nothing jare Lara: where are you Me: home Lara: haha, why? No work? I explained what happened to Lara, she said I should have begged her, but I didn’t talk, cus I didn’t tell her the reason behind the hatred. I was […]

Cynthia Episode 7

Cynthia’s working place, calling us for interview in the next two days, kola also received the text, I was happy, we lied to boss that we will be going for burial ceremony, and it is very important, he granted us, we ironed our cloth, we arrive the venue early, the interview was scheduled for 10 […]

Cynthia Episode 6

I couldn’t talk, my body was weak from within, how can this be possible, how can I sleep, no wonder she gave me water to drank, chai. We arrived at the office, kola welcomed us, but as a sharp guy I don delete the video, i couldn’t tell kola about it. It was night already, […]

Cynthia Episode 5

The tale of Cynthia. A story by Ddex Episode 5 We also stop, but we didn’t know she would stop, we were close to her. Cynthia came down from the car, looking furious. Cynthia: (shouting on top of her voice) what do you people want from me? why trailing me since office Me: (chai, I […]

Cynthia Episode 4

Tale of cynthia. A story from Ddex Episode 4 I was flabbergasted with what I saw, it was Cynthia collecting the C.V, chai I don die today, I was shivering, I don’t know what to do, maybe to run away or to summon courage, I just stood in front of her desk, looking at her, […]

Cynthia Episode 3

Cynthia: she stood up from her chair, to sit beside me’’ Dan I know you are still mad at me, but I am sorry, She placed her hand on my shoulder, I couldn’t say a word, I was looking at her, before I know it, we began to kiss each other, I was squishing her […]

Cynthia Episode 2

To see another guy smooching my gf, not sex o, but smooching, I couldn’t believe my eyes, I’m I dreaming? But this girl said she’s a virgin now Chai I left the place angrily, I didn’t say a word, well that’s life, and I love this girl o, I couldn’t go home straight, I branched at […]

Cynthia Episode 1

Cynthia seriously I love you, but you can’t just understand, even Though you forced me to talk, but believe me; said by me Cynthia: Okay, but can you swear that I’m the only one you have. Me: I swear to God who made me, my ex fucked up, she cheated on me and since then, […]

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