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cyber lover

Cyber Lover (Episode 73)

“I think I know what was happening, Jane,” he told Brenda‟s forlorn friend. “Brad was sleeping with Brenda as an invisible man called Cain. In fact, he was raping Brenda every other night and I know you cannot just believe your friend, but the proof of what Brad can do is right here before us […]

Cyber Lover (Episode 72)

CHAPTER 13 THE CYBER LOVER “THANK God,” Jane whispered to herself and sighed in relief. It was all over. She had quickly left for Michael‟s apartment when she reported to Inspector Jack that Brenda wasn‟t picking her calls after going over to Michael‟s place and he told her that they were going to the latter‟s […]

Cyber Lover (Episode 71)

He kicked his legs and threw his hands about in the air, but nothing could be done to save him from Cain‟s powerful grip. Then he stopped going up. He was now mid-way between the floor and the room‟s ceiling. Then with the speed of light, his head was slammed to the wall facing him. Nimrod […]

Cyber Lover (Episode 70)

“We don‟t want him escaping, do we?” Allen nodded and produced a strong rope from his pocket. “Please, leave her alone!” Michael wailed as his hands were secured behind his back and he was pushed to the ground while Nimrod covered him with the pistol. “It‟s me you want!” They just ignored him. His girl‟s appearance […]

Cyber Lover (Episode 69)

It was an aggressive knock and Brenda thought it was Inspector Jack. Michael wondered who it was since he wasn‟t expecting anybody. Why should somebody knock on his door like that? It made him angrier. “Who is that?” he asked. * * * The gang had met them outside the old mall close to Michael‟s […]

Cyber Lover (Episode 68)

CHAPTER 12 WHAT HAPPENED IN MICHAEL’S APARTMENT MICHAEL was just coming out from the bathroom when the doorbell rang. “I am coming!” He was sure it was Brenda because nobody else knew he was in town. Michael had been eagerly waiting to see her since he announced to her that he was back over the […]

Cyber Lover (Episode 67)

His minion didn‟t really like the idea of going to Michael‟s place at that hour. Especially with the uncertainty of what was happening in the city. “I suggest we wait till things cool off before we go to Michael‟s house, boss,” he tried. “Maybe midnight as we earlier agreed on is the best option?” “No! We […]

Cyber Lover (Episode 66)

“I‟m afraid they‟re still working on that, my friend,” Inspector Bromsbey replied, almost sadly. “INTERPOL has sent out a strike team to pick up the scientist in the Congo, sir. Dr. Ryan is with them.” “Good,” enthused Jack. “Let‟s hope some interesting facts come out of this, inspector.” “What else can we do?” replied the British. […]

Cyber Lover (Episode 65)

“That will be dangerous Inspector.” She raised her hands and dropped them helplessly. Perhaps she should just tell the cops that his life and Michael‟s were in danger if he takes that action. “You surprise me inspector. How do you explain the two previous killing? You think I am capable of that? Cain exists! The […]

Cyber Lover (Episode 64)

The thought of Adam hit her again. Adam was dead! Everybody she once loved was dead! She hoped Cain would be online to chat with her. She got to the café, and after displaying her ID card to the attendant, went in. A free system was given to her and she quickly logged on. Cain […]

Cyber Lover (Episode 63)

“Whatever ideas you have, inspector, I hope it will help my friend, but I must also let you know that recently Brenda had been having very short seizures which I have discovered occurs that the same time these deaths take place. Brenda happens to mention the name of the next person to die,” continued the […]

Cyber Lover (Episode 62)

“Are you trying to say that he already had police protection?” asked Jane. “Maybe. I don‟t understand what is happening to our peaceful Lupe o.” “Perhaps both men belong to a cult and have offended some divine spirit,” suggested another worker. Jane couldn‟t take it anymore. She was now very positive that Cain was the […]

Cyber Lover (Episode 61)

You continued to moan and roll all over the bed, unconscious of your environment, and . . . and your eyes were closed. I continued to stare in amazement. Then you called out Adam‟s name and stopped rolling and stirring, but continued to breathe heavily like you‟d just done some strenuous work.” Brenda was confused. She […]

Cyber Lover (Episode 60)

CHAPTER 11 THE COP’S INVESTIGATE ANOTHER MURDER ADAM woke up later than usual the next morning because he had slept very late. The visit of the police officers had scared the sleep out of his eyes. A larger part of his night was used in thinking of the possibility of having death close by and […]

Cyber Lover (Episode 59)

Inspector Jack was patient. “There was a similar murder of Mr. Benjamin in Cape City two days before the murder of Mr. Derek.” “I think I heard something like that also.” Adam was now wondering what this was all about. “Are you aware that both dead men once dated Miss Davis? They both also broke […]

Cyber Lover (Episode 58)

“You told me I‟ll soon see you, Cain,” she stammered, finding her voice. “Why are you still hiding from me? Why…why are you still invisible, and how – how do you do it?” He laughed deeply. “How I do it? Wow! Did the cops set you up on this…spying game? My secret, girl…my secret. But I […]

Cyber Lover (Episode 57)

“No.” “What happened?” asked Inspector Bromsbey. “I mean, can you explain what led to the two breakups?” And Brenda carefully mapped out what had happened between her and her two dead ex-lovers to the officers. Surprisingly, it didn‟t hurt her like it used to whenever she talked about it. Perhaps it was because they were […]

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