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The Changed…Episode 29

The gun falls to John’s left and Schemer’s right, but with John still standing, it is easier for Schemer to pick up. Schemer sits up and makes a move to, John quickly kicks it farther from Schemer’s reach. He turns to kick Schemer in the face but Schemer holds his leg in mid air and […]

The Changed…Episode 28

The doctor had hidden in a corner when he could, he isn’t too good when it comes to using guns and the moment Balogun’s appearance promised to be a shooting practice, he had perched at a corner. Now, he knows to save himself, he needs to exit the building for home else he’d be exiting […]

The Changed…Episode 27

Months Later……. Mr Samuel is in his house, in his study to be precise, reading a magazine, when a call comes in on the landline. He answers the call and leaves it’s loudspeaker on. “Hello James” “I saw your text” “I’m forwarding the layout of the underground to your mail now. Do all you can. […]

The Changed…Episode 26

Balogun is now inside the building. All the doors look alike and it baffles him. He walks gently, ears well glued to the ground, listening for the slightest of sounds. He suddenly realizes he’s on his second round of walking, having passed the door with the word. EXIT before. He decides to go from door […]

The Changed…Episode 25

Both of them crashes on the floor, taking a couple chairs along with them. Thankful for the little distraction caused by the rumble between Schemer and Edogho, the two biggest guys available, the doctor hits Tega’s right hand, thereby setting the gun on motion, it flies away from Tega’s hand and landed on the floor. […]

The Changed…Episode 24

“Go look for her!” Schemer orders his men. The only ones still around after the order was verbalized are Tega and The Doctor. Schemer gets up, approaches Mr Samuel, keeping a straight face. He goes close, puts his face close to Mr Samuel’s. “She’s exactly what you turned her to” He says. The next line […]

The Changed…Episode 23

Mr Samuel, Double E, Balogun and John climbed into a Mr Samuel’s car, with the Inspector sitting on the driver’s seat, John beside him, Mr Samuel and Balogun on the back seat. They drove off to the street earlier mentioned by James. After 20 minutes driving, they reached the street. Balogun squats, so he won’t […]

The Changed – Episode 22

“Lucky you Mr Samuel, the Edogho’s wife is safe” Balogun said He was sitting on a chair right opposite Mr Samuel, who remains tied up. He lit a cigarette and puffed the smoke into Mr Samuel’s face. Surprisingly, he didn’t choke and acted indifferent. “So all this, is for the protection of Edogho’s wife? I […]

The Changed – Episode 21

The men grabbed Angela and disposed her off her weapons. They dragged her along the way she’d come. She yelled, kicked and pulled yet the men’s hold on her did not for once lessen. As they drag her along, she couldn’t help noticing a door with a sign different from others. The sign, was that […]

The Changed – Episode 20

Another slapped hits him, interrupting his speech. Samuel spat blood on the concrete. The whole house became quiet after that. Balogun stared hard at Samuel, while Samuel focused on the floor. The silence lasted for a couple of minutes before Balogun broke it. “I’ll ask you again, tell me about James” “How will I tell […]

The Changed – Episode 19

Mr Samuel walked out of his study smiling. He glanced at his watch, time is 6:00am on the dot. He walked outside, he jumped into his white Toyota corolla when his phone rang. “How’s it going?…..Let it go, it’s getting too much….. I said let it go…..don’t bite the hand that feeds you….didn’t I just […]

The Changed – Episode 18

Okorie walked briskly towards Double E’s compound. His mission is simple, take the wife out, to a certain junction then follow her up afterwards. All in all, keep her safe. He stood at the gate, looked around before tapping the gate lightly. The gate swung open revealing a young man with a sword hanging across […]

The Changed….Episode 17

The night was cold and the streets were quiet as a result of the rain which first came in heavy droplets, but is currently dropping in light and tiny droplets, indirectly saying “I’m not done yet”. Edogho trekked through the streets on foot. He’d left his phone at home and scaled the fence at the […]

The Changed….Episode 16

Double E was with his wife when Schemer called. He tried to pet her and tried to convince her that everything was ok. After receiving Schemer’s call, his countenance changed. He told his wife to leave town once it’s 8pm, saying he Will send a friend, to take her to a certain junction then, she […]

The Changed….Episode 15

Angela woke up screaming. She looked around her and for a moment she thought she was still dreaming. She was breathing heavily and sweat poured out of her sweat pores in torrents. She sat still for nearly three minutes pondering over the dream. She still can’t figure out why they want her dead or who […]

The Changed….Episode 14

The DPO, apparently tired of walking managed to raise himself from the wall he had been resting on and walked with the policeman who had informed him that someone was looking for him. He dragged his feet towards the counter, yawning all the way. The policeman saw him and stiffened a giggle. The DPO changed […]

The Changed….Episode 13

John attacked him punching and pushing Schemer, and both lf them went crashing to the floor. No one made any move to stop John. He held Schemer’s throat and punched him 6 consecutive times. He felt satisfied and walked backwards. The policeman with them lifted Schemer up. Schemer spat the blood in his mouth on […]

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