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Casanova Episode 4

Although I bang Dolapo, I never allow our intimacy to come between us and work. I do what is expected of me as at when due without reservations.. Due to this trip I plan embarking upon, I had made lots of appointments with the some of the company’s clients who had projects I was handling […]

Casanova Episode 3

* Dolly: *feeling dizzy* so when are you coming back? Me: By end of September.. But bae, i really do which you can meet me there? **i gave her the puppy pleading eyes** Dolly: Lets see our work goes on in the office.. Me:*glancing at the clock, 10:40am* damn bae, its almost 11am, i have […]

Casanova Episode 2

Dolly: I know love, but you know dad wont find it funny.. Besides the company is to be audited that same September so i cannot leave.. Me: I understand bae, anyways just i really wish to spend at least one holiday with you over there before you wedding o.. Dolly: you know you don’t have […]


After rounding up my NYSC program in June I got back to Lagos and got an ICT contract job in a firm a week after (thanks to Dolapo my friend and platoon leader back in camp and during the nysc scheme).. By August i decided to pay my friend’s family in Obudu a visit. My […]

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