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Campus Dilemma Episode 7

“Then maybe you should have asked for something to cover your body before walking out from the bathroom like that.” I replied her repositioning myself to hide the bulge that have already formed on my short. “Well you didn’t tell me that walking out from your bathroom Unclad is crime punishable by staring” she said […]

Campus Dilemma Episode 6

PRECIOUS. Wednesday came as usual. After the first lecture, I headed to the general lecture hall for my pol. 101 class. I exchanged greetings with few of my classmates before entering the class and direct to my normal position. Surprisingly I met Precious settled already securing a position for me. A guy was sitting beside […]

Campus Dilemma Episode 5

“Ok what’s for dinner” I asked trying to get the convo going. She said she wasn’t going to have anything for dinner. We talked for long before saying the goodnights. Don’t judge people till you get to know them, Shania taught me that. On the outside someone will conclude that Shania is the rude and […]

Campus Dilemma Episode 4

My nightmarish Monday came but thank God it was a mess, though not totally. Half way into the first lecture, the cloud turned dark. The storm started gathering and before one could say Jack, the rain started pouring down in it heaviness. It rained so hard that we could barely hear the lecturer. He gave […]

Campus Dilemma Episode 3

“Nothing much, just didn’t want to stay there anymore” I replied looking away. She laughed before asking “Or you think I have got something up my sleeves” “Do you?” I asked looking her in the eye balls. She stared at me without saying anything before the waiter arrived with our order. She made to pay […]

Campus Dilemma

It was really a day well spent as I walked out of Chitis with Cindy. It wasn’t just like a normal first date. There was no awkward silence, and a question and answer kind of session. The connection was there. We flowed like we have known each other for ages. Within me, I knew that […]

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