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Bro Paul

Bro Paul (Episode 7)

Paul got home and began to apply the soap and lotion. At the first week, he noticed that he suddenly finds prayer and bible reading boring. Each time he makes attempt to have a quiet time, it always seems to be boring to him. This continued for 4weeks. On the second month, he stopped hearing […]

Bro Paul (Episode 5)

Paul got to Lagos, he stayed with his friends who were working with big firms and were living together. One of his friends earns 120k while the other earns 135k respectively. Paul thought he could get job as soon as possible, but he doesn’t go beyond aptitude test level ever since he had been applying […]

Bro Paul

Paul was born into a family of three. His father is a corporate worker who sets out as early as 5am in the morning only to return home at 10pm and above. His mother was a business woman who sells provisions in wholesale and retails. She also closed as late as 10pm. Paul has two […]

Bro Paul (Episode 6)

Paul and his friends got to the baba. His house was an ancient house with feathers and horns plugged into every walls. Smell of pigeon and fowl bloods were all over the compound. On getting to the door, his friends knocked and baba opened the door from inside. He welcomed them and told them to […]

Bro Paul (Episode 4)

Paul wanted to fulfill righteousness and be holy to God, his girlfriend he loved so much was out there feeling lonely and bored. Paul was confused on how to balance his spiritual life with his emotional life. He wish he could make Eunice happy but he doesn’t know how to go about it. He was […]

Bro Paul (Episode 3)

Weeks after weeks, months flies, they were struggling with their sexual urges anytime they are together. They would engaged in kissing and romance, but when the got to love making mood. Something will strike bro Paul’s heart like thunder and reminding him of his pledge and vows, and the urges would die down immediately. When […]

Bro Paul (Episode 2)

Bro Paul got to NYSC. He was posted to a public secondary school. he tried to keep and maintain his religious standard at all cost but temptation started befalling him. Many of the students will walk pass him flaunting their “ukwus’ and “bobby”. He was trying all his best to resist the sexual urges and […]

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