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Category: As She Taught Me

As She Taught Me

As She Thought Me (Episode 8)

Have you ever waited for sex?,like eagerly anticipated devouring someone?. My eyes were all hazy,the images dancing on the screen blurry and obscure. Even the chiming of the clock was picked up by my attentive ears,time was golden to me now,every second counted. I thought about devising a plan to disrupt the now annoyingly long […]

As She Thought Me (Episode 7)

She didnt come in immediately,maybe she was hurt too,or just couldnt face me yet. I folded myself on the bed,assuming the fetal position. Her words spiralling in my head. Little by little,everything she had just told me started coming back. I couldnt make sense of it,no matter how hard i tried. They were like fleeting […]

As She Thought Me (Episode 6)

We spent the evening in bed,listening to soft blues that she loved so much. I wondered why i never used to listen to this type of music,it was truely soothing to the ears,like balm on aching bones. Stephanie was Unclad but for the flowery blanket which loosely covered her bottom.She was lying on her side,snuggling […]

As She Thought Me (Episode 4)

The cold water hit my skin,making my hair stand from my pores. I bowed my head,letting the water trickle down my body. I was exhausted,the extreme pleasure had taken a toll on me. Stephanie joined me,she wrapped her arms around me,hugging me from behind,her breasts squashing against my back,our bodies meshed as one. I felt […]

As She Thought Me

I was naive as a kid,just a shy nerdy kid. Sex was foreign to me and i neva really found out about it till i was almost 19. Whenever my friends talked about their sex escapades as teens, i would listen with keen interest,basking in the euphoria of the tale. It was as if i […]

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