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Afraid To Love By Ahworegba Ewoma Patience

Afraid To Love Final Episode

“What’s going on here?” a familiar voice questioned. The laughter ceased. Purity stole a glance at the intruder. She’d seen that face before. It was the same woman who had created a scene at her office. What was she doing here? “Who are you?” she demanded. “I am you!” Tricia fired at Purity. “What the […]

Afraid To Love Episode 66

“Jeez!” Jeremy exclaimed. “Isn’t that gonna kill him?” “It might, might not.” Darren replied. “Come on, I’ve got to shut down the security cameras.” He trotted to the control center and the others trailed. He got busy to work. “Jeremy,” Ernest blurted out. “You’ve got to forgive me. I really am sorry. Please, let it […]

Afraid To Love Episode 65

Darren forgot he was about to chide his friend on hearing Ernest’s statement. Without a thought, he hit the brakes and slewed the vehicle off the road and shut the engine. “Sure this is it?” “It sure is,” Ernest confirmed. Jeremy did not utter a word. He just stared at the big black gate. “Whoever […]

Afraid To Love Episode 64

“I’m leaving now. Bye papa.” she said and found her way out of her dad’s office. “Tricia,” David called to her retreating figure. He sighed sadly as she did not respond to his call. It was really devastating. He shook his head, he must work now, then get home to his daughter. He hoped she’d […]

Afraid To Love Episode 63

Jeremy slowly turned the brass handle of the old door. He didn’t mind that it was dirtly, covered in dust and cobwebs. Surprisingly, the door gave way; creaking open. He maintained his pace, pushing it slowly. Soon enough, it was wide open, suitable for them to go through. The scent that greeted him was familiar. […]

Afraid To Love Episode 62

“Are you sure this is it?” Jeremy asked,his heartbeat trippling.He couldn’t see any building.The street was oddly quiet and looking really old.If he had been told that such a street existed in New York city,he’d never believe.Seeing one for himself convinced him of that. Darren killed the engine of the vehicle and turned to face […]

Afraid To Love Episode 59

“Tricia, come lets have dinner,” David requested. He was in a good mood. He had a blissful day and was interested in spending the rest of it with his lovely daughter. He had specially prepared the meal, whistling joyfully as he did so. It was all for his darling, she’d definitely love it. Tricia Cayson […]

Afraid To Love Episode 58

“This is interesting,” Jeremy said, flipping through a notepad in his hand. It was Purity’s notepad. It contained many scribblings written by Purity herself. What she wrote had to do mostly with her personal life. Her inner person, her very true self. It was a life not many people knew of. She wrote things about […]

Afraid To Love Episode 57

“Her secretary’s not in. This office belongs to her.” Jeremy closed the door behind him. “Aren’t you glad?” “No. She was going to give us information. I’m sure she know about Ernest visits here and what they talked about.” He took a deep breath, “Let’s go in and see what we can find.” * * […]

Afraid To Love Episode 55

Tricia gazed sternly at him. His words stung her. So, he actually viewed her as a good-for-nothing. How dare he? All the troubles were now her fault? She had helped this demon out and even watched his back just to protect him and he feels she’s nothing compared to Purity? Her anger blazed against him. […]

Afraid To Love Episode 54

“The doctor, the doctor,” Tricia kept pacing in her bedroom repeating those two words – the doctor. She could not easily forget the conversation she had with him earlier that day. His voice kept echoing in her head – ‘I’m watching you. Purity’s watching you too. You won’t get away.’ Whatever does he mean by […]

Afraid To Love Episode 52

“Wisely said.” Darren studied his friend intently. “What’s up with you Jeremy? You have really changed. You actually never cared about women in the past or how they felt about you. Presently, you are even willing to risk your life for this one women. The one woman who made you take no from a lady. […]

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