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Adesuwa : Episode 8

”Tickets please” the voice of the ticket man woke her slowly as her eyes and brain adjusted back to her immediate environment. She searched her purse for it and gave it to him, as he punctured it and returned to her. The effects of the drugs were wearing away and she began to feel severe […]

Adesuwa : Episode 7

She was dreaming and in the dream,  she was relieving the moments from when she left Nigeria till she got to Italy. When they got to the airport along with madam and a few of her assistants, there was a scary moment for her when the immigration officer had called her into a room for […]

Adesuwa : Episode 6

As she lay in her bed that night, Adesuwa began to imagine all the fearful possibilities of what would become of her. She had no illusions that things were going to be better  or her conditions would improve. What would become of her now that she was on the verge of leaving so far from home? […]

Adesuwa : Episode 5

The next morning by 4 30 am, the girls were up and ready, including the girl who had been beaten terribly. At exactly five o clock, a Coaster bus pulled up outside the house, and all the girls filed out and trooped in, sitting down. Next, the thugs who were with them the previous night […]

Adesuwa : Episode 4

All through the night, she could hardly sleep a wink. She kept worrying of a million things that could go wrong. She was not even given a proper opportunity to say goodbye to everyone, especially Osas. What would he think happened to her if she never showed up to see him as promised? She finally […]

Adesuwa : Episode 3

”Good morning sir” She greeted her father who was already seated outside their mud house, as she walked slowly home, the giant can balanced precariously over her head. ”Girl where are you returning from?” He queried with a nasty scowl on his face ”All your mates that went to the stream with you are back […]

Adesuwa : Episode 2

There were a number of reasons why she liked Osas at first. He was tall and dark, and despite the fact that he was not well to do, he was extremely neat. When he smiled, he revealed a row of perfectly carved white teeth, and though he was on the thin side, he had an […]

Adesuwa : Episode 1

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