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A Call From The Grave. Episode 8

I was shocked and it felt my heart would burst out off my chest. Ajumoke eyes kept rolling from me to Felix indecisively. She stammered in her words as much as she trembled in body. Wumi’s hand heavily landed on Ajumoke’s fragile neck, “Can’t you hear me? Which one of them is responsible for your pregnancy…Ta lo fun e loyun?” I heard Wumi yelled so loud like a mad woman ready to strike. “Mummy it is him” Ajumoke’s slowly rose her hand and pointed forward at us. Felix and I wasn’t sure who exactly she had her fingers pointing to but it was too late to ask as Wumi rushed at Felix with a heavy slap all around his head so aggressively like she had long been waiting for such opportunity.


“Ahh! Is not me o” Felix was quick to deny as he pushed back covering his head from the sporadic slaps that were landing on him. Wumi was so furious like I had never seen her, she kept yelling for the neighbor’s attention while she roughly tied her head scarf around her waist. Felix turned to me looking helpless trying to profess his innocence “I swear it is not me, Kenneth you have to believe me, Adejumoke is lying, and I did not__” Before Felix could finish his last statement, I saw Wumi rammed into him with a force of a raged Bull. I pulled back in fear as I saw Wumi slapping, biting, blowing Felix all at a time, she had him pinned to the bed underneath her heavy weight while she screamed in distress, an act to attract neighbors. I feared she would kill Felix whose body absorbed the assault.


Finally, after what seem like an hour of torture on Felix, Wumi lifted her body off him, she kept yelling at him “You, you have the guts to rape my own daughter under her father’s roof. Listen to me you this bastard, I will destroy your life if your plan is to come into my peaceful home and have everything turned upside-down. I will let the world know what you are, I will go outside right now to call everybody in the neighborhood to come and have you beaten and burnt into ashes”. Wumi thundered and then rushed outside like a woman on fire. Suddenly, she locked the door from behind as we heard the locks turned, trying to keep us in there till she comes. Felix, Ajumoke and myself stared at ourselves like kids dropped in a slaughter house.


One thing was for sure, Wumi love’s trouble and there comes one at a platter of gold, she would have Felix burnt for real. I saw Felix scramble off the bed looking like someone who had barely survived a car crash. He slowly turned his head at me, tears gathered around his eyes “Brother I swear to God, I did not do it, help me tell aunty Wumi that I did not do it, please” He broke into tears with his entire body shivering, that was the first time I saw him cry. I had goose-bumps crawl on my body. My heart wept for my brother whose cloth had been torn off him and a part of his eyes swollen. “I’m sorry” Ajumoke’s voice came up in her soft genuine remorseful tone.


I turned to her swiftly with my eyes piercing into hers pleadingly. I saw she wouldn’t give up, I saw she wouldn’t hold it back, her eyes confirmed she was ready to give it up. My heart stopped as she stood there with her eyes gazing at mine like a naïve girl ready to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth without holding back. AJUMOKE I BEG YOU, DON’T DO IT. “Felix please forgive me” Ajumoke turned to Felix. NO…NO…DON’T DO IT, AJUMOKE PLEASE DON’T “What is it? Please tell me” Felix said anxiously. My pleading eyes locked to Ajumoke’s own at the very last second, there and then she gave it out. “Ken, I tried as much as possible to hide it as planned but she__” Ajumoke burst into tears, I watched her gasped in sporadic emotions “Mummy suspected I was pregnant last night, I tried to deny it but she insisted I follow her to the hospital this morning” I listen and watched in horror, she paused to catch her breath while fresh tears flowed down her eyes, she continued “Believe me Ken, I tried to hide it just like you had warned but I couldn’t, you have to believe me” she burst into another round of tears while she slowly slipped to the ground.


Felix voice came up all of a sudden “Kenneth please what is going on, I am very confuse” his eyes going from me to Ajumoke. I saw he was more shocked than confused as he claimed. As I tried to explain, I realized it was too late as I could hear many footsteps stamping towards the door from its other end. “We need to leave immediately” I yelled to Felix in a tone of urgency as I saw an open window “No, I am not leaving, the two of you will have to tell Aunty the truth” Felix yelled furiously at me and Ajumoke. “Please listen to him” Ajumoke pleaded to Felix while she was standing up to go for the door. Felix yelled back again, “No, I am not, I am not going back to Asaba because of your crimes, the two of you must tell her I am not the one responsible for your pregnancy, tell her I never raped you, please prove me innocent”.


The footsteps were getting louder as if the entire neighborhood were heading for us. Surprisingly, I saw Ajumoke scrambled to go press her body to the door so as to prevent the mobs easy access. She cried out “Please Felix forgive me, you have to go now, I can’t hold them for long, and my mummy will still kill you even if I tell the truth”. An image of Felix running around the room with fire blazing all over him jumped into my head, I yelled at Felix, “Brother we need to go now, follow me”. There was the open window by the other side of the room, I rushed to jump outside through it and turned around to call upon Felix to follow but he was still standing in the room looking indecisive and confused.

There again, I heard Ajumoke’s voice pleading to Felix to follow while she struggled to withhold the push from the other side of the door. Suddenly, I saw Felix jumped out of the room through the window. We both scrambled out of the compound through the back gate like fugitives away from our father’s house.

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