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A Call From The Grave. Episode 7

Thirty-five years we’ve been brothers and all through those years, Felix had got my back in many occasions and so was I, Felix had a way of talking his way into people’s heart, he seem to always have the right words for everything at every circumstance and that had made the man for the ladies. Unlike Felix, I had been the reserved one, the shy type, sought of an introvert who would keep to himself but I had one thing Felix never had, I had Luck. While Felix and I were kids, about five years, we were shared amongst our divorced parents. I was taking by my dad to Lagos while mum had the other stayed with her in Asaba. My horrific experience started immediately I stepped into father’s home in Lagos where he secretly had another family, a wife named Wumi and their daughter Ajumoke. Wumi never loved me and she never pretended to. She had hot argument with father that night but somehow he was able to calm her down but not for long.


I was surprise father married a lady from another tribe and even went as far to give his daughter a strange name. I was a year older than my step-sister Ajumoke who had a very pretty face like her mother and had my father’s height and heart as she grew. Despite her mother’s hatred to me, I never for ones took it out or showed it to Ajumoke who was smart enough to had read between the lines. I remembered few years later, I was done with college and hoping for admission into University of Lagos while Ajumoke was in final lap of the college and was outstanding in her academic performance, she had always wanted to be a medical doctor and I could see she had all it takes to be a very good one. It was around that time that Felix really came into my life, he had walked into our house all alone on a raining night. He looked all damped and rebellious like an outcast as he stood by the doorway with his wet bag while I had ran to go open the door for who had knocked. At first, I was shocked to see someone look closer to my image, he was just a bit taller and fairer and bolder and I will admit more handsome.


He suddenly hugged me tight as we stood by the door way, he cried while I stood still wondering who he was. He had found his way all alone from Asaba with the help of a wet poo of inscribed paper tucked to his hand. Shortly that same night as father returned from work, he appeared raged as he threatened to push young Felix out to the midnight cold to go back to Asaba to go meet his mother who was responsible for his care but Felix bluntly refused by saying it was father’s duty to take care of him and that ever since mother had remarried with many other step-children to care for, she no longer cared for him anymore and had refused to pay for his schooling. That night, I was shocked to see a boy like me speak to his own father so rudely and same time see a father slap his other son so hard. Surprisingly for me, Ajumoke and her mother persuaded father in letting Felix pass the night even if he was to return to Asaba the next morning, father reluctantly agreed.


The next morning, father as usual called everyone together for the morning devotion and then after he announced to his small congregation that his other son would be staying behind, he said that was God’s command to him in his dream. I was so happy knowing I would have a brother around me, someone to play soccer with and to whom I share my wild fantasies. Ajumoke somehow looked happier but her mother turned indifferent. I guess Wumi was just too tired or humble to fight her husband over the issue or perhaps she liked Felix presence. With only his primary school education in Asaba, Felix had to begin in junior class one of college school, at first he refused to attend the school due to shame but succumbed after father threatened to have him returned to his mother. A year later, at twenty-one years of age, I was about going to 200level in Business Administration while Ajumoke was in her first year as a medical student and Felix repeating same class due to poor academic performance, he was devastated but I kept on encouraging him and so was Ajumoke.


One evening, while I was taking Felix through his assignment in our room, the door suddenly bashed open. Felix and I jumped to our foot in fright as soon as we saw Wumi forged in looking furious with Ajumoke sobbing behind her. “You this stupid girl, come here!” Wumi roughly dragged her crying daughter to her front to make her stand facing Felix and I. “Now look them in the face and tell me who amongst the two is responsible for your pregnancy otherwise I will kill them both”. Wumi thundered.

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