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A Call From The Grave. Episode 6

My first encounter with her had been in a house party organized by Lilian who was Felix new girlfriend at that time. From a corner I had sat staring at the beautiful creature who made everything around her seem irrelevant. Her coral-black hair plunged over her shoulders, she had a shapely figure more like a hour-glass covered in a glossy skin, she had a slender eye-brow, her eyelashes were velvety, her ears were sea-nymph and also had a dainty nose. JEEZ, WHAT A DAME TO DIE FOR. And there I saw her smiled to a friend, OH GOD, DID ANYONE JUST SEE HER SHINY, HALO-WHITE TEETH?


I was shy to go meet her, approaching ladies had never been so easy for my kind of person. AH! NOT AGAIN. My limps went numb and my heart was hitting my chest rapidly as if it would burst. I sat there watching as she giggled to the talk of a classic looking man who had just approached her. I cursed myself for loosing such an opportunity. KENNETH YOU ARE SUCH AN IDIOT, NOW THE DAMSEL BELONGS TO SOMEONE ELSE. JUST LOOK AT YOURSELF, YOU FOOL. While I was still seated watching the classic looking man talking to the damsel, Felix and Lilian strolled out from the crowd, they both looked so exhausted. It wasn’t from the liquor nor the dance. They both had this foul smell oozing around them and I saw Felix grinning like a wicked clown and so was his girlfriend who was adjusting her mini-skirt. NOW I GET IT BUT MUST YOU TWO BRING YOUR SEX AURA AROUND MY IGNORANT SENSES.


And right in front of me, the two of them kissed. “Gush! Felix please, you and this your girl should go get a room” I said Felix broke away from Lilian’s lip and turned to me “And you my brother need to get yourself a lady”. “Yes that reminds me” started Lilian as she turned to me “Kenneth, there is this friend of mine I would love for you to meet, I’m sure she is your spec” she turned to search with her eyes into the crowd gathered in every corner of the room. She returned her face back at me looking disappointed then said “I’m sorry, I think she is here with her own guy already but I will hook you up with someone else”. I felt somehow disappointed but I had to just put up a carefree face. “Madam match-maker” Felix teased Lilian, “just be careful with who you hook my brother with so we don’t breed ugly looking children in the Agudas’ family. “Trust me now” said Lilian before she got her lips covered with Felix’s I WISH I HAD A GIRL THIS BEAUTIFUL, UNDERSTANDING AND MATURE AS LILIAN. I AM SO CONVINCED FELIX WOULD DUMP THIS ONE AGAIN LIKE HE WOULD ALWAYS DO. GOING FROM ONE PRETTY FACE TO ANOTHER. WAIT A MINUTE, DID LILIAN JUST SAID THAT THE LADY SHE HOPED FOR ME CAME WITH HER OWN MAN, I HOPE IT’S NOT WHO I THINK IT IS?”


I curiously turned to the love birds who were still kissing “Lilian, which of the ladies were you talking about” “What do you mean?” she asked “I mean the lady you earlier had for me, where is she?” She turned around and pointed to that damsel who had earlier got my mind so restless. HALLELUJAH!! Felix and Lilian burst into laughter seeing me smile unconsciously. Lilian inquired if I like her and I simply nodded my head without a word. “I can still drag her down here so you guys can meet, who knows what might just follow” Lilian offered “No please, I am not interested” I refused “Common Ken, let Lilian help you snatch her away from her boyfriend” said Felix amidst laughter, I knew his laugh was on me and it really hurt. I sighed heavily as I sat down there feeling like a fool, wishing I had never asked Lilian about the lady. Suddenly, the loud sound of the music came up to overshadow our conversation and everyone began to dance. Felix and his girl quickly left me as they danced their way into the crowd.


I sat down there stealing quick glances at the damsel who was dancing with the man in front of her. AHH KENNETH, YOU ARE SUCH A LOOSER. YOUR DREAM GIRL IS HAPPY WITH ANOTHER MAN. I got encroached in envy. I sipped from my cup of wine while I still had my eyes on the damsel. Suddenly, Felix came back to me, he leaned towards my ear and whispered an idea into it but I doubted if I could make it possible. He dashed back into the dancing crowd before I had the chance to turn it down. I thought it over for a while and decided to embark on what appeared to be my mission-impossible. DAMN IT! I FORGOT TO ASK LILIAN FOR THAT LADY’S NAME. I needed it. I stood up, walked to the small bar in the room and poured two glasses of wine. I picked them up as I slowly turned and took steps toward that damsel and her man. Every step towards them made my heart pound faster.


I JUST PRAY FELIX PLAN WORKS, OTHERWISE I WILL PUNCH HIM SO HARD ON HIS FACE “Excuse me sir, I am back for my lady” I said to the man who never noticed my presence next to him until I repeated it the third time. From the corner of a eye, I caught the shocking look on the face of the damsel who had stopped to dance and was observing me. The man ran his eyes all over me and frowned, I saw he was much older, smelt of powerful fragrance and appeared wealthy. I was sure he had bodyguards hanging around the crowds, waiting for his beckon so they pounce on me. The man appeared skeptical of my claim, he turned to the beautiful lady in front of him and asked her if she knew me. GHEN-GHEN! I could swear at that moment that my spirit had left my body on its own to face the most embarrassing moment of my life. The glasses of wine were visibly shaking and my legs threatened not to hold me any longer. The lady frowned at me with her eyes searching into mine.


FELIX PLEASE WHERE ARE YOU? I NEED BACK-UP RIGHT AWAY…DO YOU COPY!! At that point, I could no longer hear the music, rather I saw everyone twisting and moving their bodies in slow motion. There was her rapture blue eyes piercing into mine and I felt like my heart burst right behind my ribs. All of a sudden, her voice snapped at me “And what took you so long? You don’t keep your lady waiting with a stranger” she snatched one of the glasses off my grasps. “I am sorry” I said looking more confuse than the classic looking man beside me. The man grumble inaudibly as he withdrew into the crown with a frown on his face. I moved closer to the damsel who kept staring at me expectantly.

I wanted to say something but the words weren’t coming out. “What took you so long?” she asked in a soothing voice. WHAT IS SHE TALKING ABOUT? “I don’t get it” I said looking puzzled. “What took you so long from rescuing me from that old man?” We burst into laughter and sipped from our cups of wine. She stretched a hand “My name is Jennifer Osolo I shook her hand “And my name is Kenneth, Kenneth Aguda” We both joined in the dance and I felt my spirit rushed back to my body. ****

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